questionscan portal 2 be played with friends cross…


Short answer, no. Different servers for different platforms and no communication between those servers, as they are run by different companies.


@woothulhu: That's what I was afraid of... It would have been the first game I knew of to allow that cross-platform support. I thought maybe the introduction of Steam to PS3 might have been the difference. Thanks buddy


@czarkingkaiser: No Prob. As awesome as that would be, it would be like Coke and Pepsi working together.

Plus the game companies sell a ton more games. I have friends that will buy the same game for multiple systems, which is just retarded.


Some games did this, at least for a short while. First of these to come to mind is Shadowrun, which let Xbox and Windows players play each other.

The initiative was killed by MS because PC gamers unfortunately have an edge with a mouse/keyboard.

Maybe someday. :)


You actually CAN play cross-platform portal 2 PS3 to PC.

I've done it several times. Was a major selling point for having steam on ps3.

I don't believe you can do X360 -> PS3/PC though.

Edit: The fact that PSN was down basically starting the day after Portal 2 came out hindered the awareness of this a lot I imagine.


@abramokids: Yeah, sorry I wasn't specific. I refer to mac as a PC [personal computer] in general parlance.


That function no longer works on PS3 & PC/Mac, it did, but now you cant even register the game to be played separately. The PS3 version comes with a download code that you have to sync from your ps3 to your PC/MAC, I bought P2 on 4/20 and was never able to get it working cross platform


@gonzma: That's odd. I haven't personally done cross platform in a while, but I don't see why they would disable it. After looking over the steam forums I don't see much to do about co-op cross platform not working/code redemption being broken.