questionswould you pay to be a member of bj's wholesale…


Wait, they are not selling what it sounds like they are selling right?


I believe that is illegal in most states.


I have a membership. Be warned that they do not sell what their name implies, which I remind my wife of my disappointment every time I go.


@kmeltzer: Do you feel that you get enough value from your membership to justify the price?(apart from the misnomer) How do you find their return policies?


@ali1331: I don't know if we've had to return much, but I don't recall there being an issue with returning if we had. We've found value for what we use it for. Generally, I get the large packs of condiments, paper plates, garbage bags, canned goods, packaged food, cereal, etc.... Mainly, the stuff to fill up my panty for a few months. They also have some books, and I'll occasionally pick one up for cheaper than B&N (across the street) would be.

My membership probably pays for itself in what I save on tuna and Cheerios :-)


I'm not much of a bulk shopper either; my local Winco Foods takes care of the deals aspect in much more "normal" sizes. But I'm a Costco member for one major reason - their dog food is the best quality for the price.

You might want to inquire if they have a one-day pass, just so you can visit and see what it's all about. I did so with Sam's Club; they weren't worth it at all for me.


must... resist... urge to say dirty...


I am a member of both BJ's and Costco.

They are really two different type of clubs. I would call Costco a bit higher class than BJ's. They are both decent places to shop with good customer service.

Costco has more surprises than BJ's. Every time I go to Costco, I find new items to purchase. But than again, the next time I go there, they no longer have some of the things I'm looking for. (They only have a certain amount of items per club. When they get something new, something else has to go.)

BJ's bulk is usually smaller packages than Costco. This is a plus for a smaller family. Also, you can basically do a "Walmart" type of shopping at BJ's. They carry a wide variety of many different types of merchandise. Costco, on the other hand, has what they have. They do not have as good of a selection of many every-day products and foods.

Prices, well some things are cheaper at Costco, while some are cheaper at BJ's.

Hope this is helpful!!


I've paid for my BJ's membership for 2 years now & always save more than I spend on membership. The electronics alone can save you $100 or more at a time.

Re: returns--

I bought my daughter something for Christmas that ended up being a piece of crap. The box was gone, my receipt was missing, & I couldn't find my membership card. No problem! They gave me a new card, looked up my receipt, & gave me my money back with a smile. I was pleasantly surprised.


@kmeltzer: Just something about how you "fill up your panty" and the name of the store made me smile...


@treehuggerlars: I appreciate that anecdote. That is useful to hear.

@shalomp: We are a small family and we don't have a Walmart nearby, so maybe it's not a bad match.