questionsdid you know woot is keeping you from seeing…


I would guess it has to do with some shady sites and/ or Facebook/ Twitter deals. I've gotten a ton of free samples because of deals.woot, but I've also avoided some based on the comments.

It might be a case of a small number of shady or fake sites ruining the concept for the rest.


I was so mad, I quit! Anyways, grats @moosezilla




Oh snap! Snuck right in there this morning! Gratz moosey! Now the real test is to see if you can hold it as long as lichme ;)


I dont think woot should remove it but it should not count towards your rank. Nothing beats a free deal unless seller is giving you money or something of value for purchising a free item.


It's all about making money. deals.woot makes money off of referral links to some (not all) websites. Free deals to not provide any revenue but take up the top spots on the list blocking other deals that could provide revenue from being seen. Woot is a for profit company so they will look to maximize revenue in any way they can.

This is something that makes it less user friendly but in the long run will not matter to them. If they loose some active members other new members will come along to replace their activity. Since the new members will not know this is being done or was changed they will proceed on their merry way without a thought to what they could be missing.


Woot is about nothing more than moving money, any pretense to community is a hangover from the previous owners.

That said, it is lame and irritating that free deals (the best kind) are removed. Another part of the reason why I find myself coming here less and less.


@fenriq: I suppose if that's entirely true, then I'm kind of in denial about it...only because I know some of the staff members are still dedicated to the community side of things...maybe we're all in denial.


@dmaz: It does seem that way, but it's also possible that it's just their job to make it seem that way.

Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I keep seeing more and more community-friendly things get pushed aside to to squeeze more money out of the sites. Keeping a few mods on community-duty does make it less noticeable.


I disagree the for a while I was signing up for free stuff and got about %20 of what I signed up for. This means an %80 failure rate. I would hide that failure too.
Stuff I did get.
5 hour energy
Lots of stuff I did not get, but I did not get it so I do not remember.


@caffeine_dude: Yeah, I started avoiding those enter-your-address-here-and-wait-6-8-weeks freebies a while ago. What i had in mind was the many store and restaurant deals that have a no-purchase-necessary freebie on a specific day, or with printed coupon :)


It's woot's site, they can do as they please, same as each member of the community.


@lichme: Way to troll the question.


We're tagging things with #free again? Huh. Last time I paid attention, #free was removed in favor of listing as $0.00.


@dw1771: You are, of course, absolutely correct. They can & do as they please - and have every right to do that. As I see it, there are those of us who would like to know the rules, etc. ...So that we can follow & abide by them. When something is drastically changed, such as the Free tag, then I'd like to know.

Freebies are the very best deals. If deals woot chooses to "hide" them, then I'd like to know. Won't post them anymore. And will most likely go to other sites that are more welcoming.

I enjoy deals, and want to remain here as an active participant. Just asking for a little acknowledgement & info. I don't think that's too much to ask. You probably disagree. And, I guess, the PTB do, too. Sad.


I was really PO'd when Woot had nothing mentioning Jimmy Johns free sub day a while back! This is probably what happened, that or the deal was removed because someone didn't post it exactly after midnight prime meridian time(or whatever stupid rules the powers that be have decided to enforce about when a deal can be posted);)
NO reason free deals can't be posted 12 hrs prior to the day they will be on, well I guess other than someone decided it can't.......


@gmwhit: I actually agree with you that it would be nice to know what is/isn't allowed. Are free deals not welcome because of abuse, like the mystery boxes of yore? Failure of an organization to bring understanding and get feedback to/from the users/consumers leads to problems (see JCPenney), I merely am stating that if this is indeed larger issue for woot, and if it is not handled properly, then the organization will be doing damage to itself, which is the right of the organization.


@dw1771: Thought this question was about Free tags; not sure how that relates to mystery boxes or JC Penny. I know nothing of that 'abuse.' As far as I know there has been NO abuse of free deals.

I asked a question about the assumed change in 2 tags - 'free' & 'lingerie.' It appears that deals decided to exclude those tags from certain tabs. That makes those deals essentially disappear from view. Deals that were "Free" in the past might, or might not, have a Free tag added. Either way, they still were included in the Top & Popular tabs. They no longer are.

Just want to know if it's a permanent change. That's all. An aside: I believe that @ohcheri has solved the 'lingerie' problem by using other tags. Unable to do that w/free deals because some mods add the free tag.

....With a thank you and very grateful nod to @dmaz for asking this question!!


I too would like to know what's going on with this, it seems pretty bizarre. I wonder if it could be due to "free" deals being generally harder to verify and police than non-free deals? I'm sure we've all requested something free only to receive nothing at all. Or are spammers adding free "deals" of things that don't normally cost money in the first place, like garage-band MP3s and self-published PDF eBooks?

I'd say the community at least deserves to know the real reason. Pre-Amazon Woot would have at least been open and honest with us.


Get rid of the free tag! It can be posted in the title/body of the deal. That is all.


If you're looking for Free deals, go to SlickDeals. Hover over the Forums tag and click on "Freebies" in the drop down list.


@panthiest: Thanks, I understand that. :) Why can't we get the PTB to abolish it and replace it with something else?


Oh...... Oh, boo. Yeah... boo (sorry to sound in so late on this one).


@jsimsace: Why would they though, if the whole point is to keep free deals off the first page?


Why can't we change the "whole point"? Maybe stage a "free" meme? I've suffered through worse. :)


Could be fun even if it doesn't actually change anything


@jsimsace: Cool idea! It would be'd keep em busy with having to add SO many "free" tags to stuff just to keep the first page clean of them haha


@jsimsace: I tried adding a free shirt today and used the tag costless instead of free- it got deleted :(


@missellienc: Thx, yes Slickdeals is a nice site and will get more people over time if Woot Deals becomes too corporate and censored. :(