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Free deals live here alongside money deals, in harmony. They're treated as second class citizens, but they're happy.

(And your "pet her" joke is broke. It needs to be something like "Petter? I hardly know her!" :D - which ironically makes even less sense)


Oh...and as far as the x.woot thing, I'm obviously not in any position to speak to that. But what I CAN say is that you'd probably have better luck acquiring Woot! in a hostile takeover and renaming it yourself. Probably.

Also, if I had a kitten for every time I'd heard or talked about a new x.woot, I would have several kittens. So don't feel bad.

Funfact: :D - that will help ease your disappointment


@drchops: Just to help out, here is all the free stuff sorted by most recently submitted:


I don't think a separate site is necessary, but I do believe if something is truly free (free+fs) it should be tagged "free".

When I started posting these deals I tagged them as such but mods deleted the tags... so I stopped.

Sorting by price doesn't help if shipping is $5.99 and searching "free" doesn't help when free shipping is mentioned... tagging is the only viable thing I see working.


@josefresno: Good lookin' out :D

(slightly better than my method of ordering it from "free to freer..")