questionscan we please get a staff directory?


@heymo: Badges? They don't nee... ooooh I just can't do it.

I agree, without you pointing out new members i'd never know they were there!


@snapster (REAL NAME™ Matt Rutledge) is the founder and CEO of @snapster's handle has its origins in a nickname earned during his days in sales for lightning-fast phone-answering skills. @snapster loves the Mavs, real iced tea, and Roombas. He has an unhealthy obsession with flying monkeys (but who doesn't?).

@snapster has other worries than the day-to-day runnings of the deals site, which he leaves to J. (aka @jumbowoot). He's still known to drop in on occasion.


@faughtey is the only deals.woot staffer hired directly from the leaderboard. She was "called home" to become a woot-god in the mini-rapture of 5/10/2010. @faughtey is active all over the deals site, posting questions and deals on her own but also cleaning up other people's messes.


@thefenst is also a big Mavs fan. More importantly, he's an account manager at deals.woot. He is a good guy, known to intercede occasionally on behalf of users if a sponsored deal goes bad. Don't abuse that, folks, or he'll stop.

@thefenst got married recently, but no arrests were directly linked to the bachelor party.


I am rather entertained seeing what everyone comes up with!



Other people in CS probably won't be around as much though I could give you their screen names. But, I've kinda pigeonholed myself into all things forumy.


AHEM. Folks, this is only going to work if other people add to the collection. Let me try to get the ball rolling again.

@brutherford appears to be keeper of the Moofi deals. Except he's apparently on vacation, so his duties are being covered by...

@helios, who primarily works on the woot classic side (apparently in customer service?). He doesn't say much. Word is, he's still embarrassed over that whole Phaeton affair.


I'm a community/forum moderator. I'm not on Deals staff (that is, not a deal hunter) but I am reponsible for helping keep the peace in the AtC section and in comments on Deals.

Same goes for @inkycatz and @rogertray. @gatzby is our slavedriv.... er, boss.


@thunderthighs: You stole my thunder (only appropriate, I guess):

@gatzby manages the stable of "community team" staffers. His minions include @inkycatz and @thunderthighs among others. He's not a big fan of the Seattle climate (like Russia's is any better?), but he does appreciate their good coffee and cuisine.


Somewhere or other I have an old question that names many of these people, including the effervescent and delicate @prettywootprincess, and the no longer active, but still dear to my heart, sweet-natured @wootiewooterson. I could do a quick core dump of names, here and now, except that I'm in the middle of canning, and most of the Chelans are in jars, cooling, but I still have the Rainiers to go, and I need another 10 pounds of sugar before I can finish.

It's canning season. What was I thinking, when I was at the grocery store just yesterday?


@heymo: You forgot the developers, and I know that there are more than these three, but I forget the other names.

@shawnmiller @josefresno @dave bug

There's also the writers, and I can't remember a single name (excepting that @jason toon guy).


@agingdragqueen: Word has it, that's not what you're likely to die of! How are you feeling??

@agingdragqueen has some sort of management position in the woot! shipping department (or at least is the one stuck apologizing if stuff goes out extra late).

I'd like to say more, but everything humorous I could think of would just be gilding the lily. I mean, how do you top a username like @agingdragqueen?


@heymo: You also forgot the newer deal hunters. @wootfast (for example) is one of the fab four that all showed up around the same time.

[Okay, no more fun. Off to buy sugar, and then back to the kitchen. To make the picture complete, yes, I am barefoot. Obviously not the third thing, thank goodness.]


@shrdlu: I didn't "forget" anyone. I wrote a few, and invited the community to do the rest.

Heck, I didn't even do one for @jumbowoot (mentioning him in the @snapster entry doesn't count). Not to mention the deal hunters: @wootmango22, @hizzo87, @loosecannon67, et al.

[edit] If you'd like to send me a box of those Rainiers, I'd be happy to save you the trouble of canning them. I also like Bings.


@heymo: Yeah, yeah, I know, I need to watch my phraseology. I also need to get moving. No more fun for now. Back to the salt, kitchen.

I just saw your edit. Not a chance on the raineirs. I don't like bings, and never can them. I suppose I'm spoiled. If you'd ever tasted the chelan, you'd probably be begging for those instead. Their season is so short, too. I'd probably only find a few folks still selling them if I hit the farmer's market on Saturday (which I probably won't). I used to love Queen Anne's (an ancestor of the Rainier), but haven't seen them in years.

I'm actually lying about it being work. I like to can; I've done it since I was too little to see the top of the cupboard without standing on a chair, and I'll probably still be putting food by when I'm a hundred.


@heymo: ha! I'm feeling great, though Tarrant county public health is still saying I'm a risk for a little while.

I'm actually just a customer service rep/peon. No managing for me, otherwise I would not be the person who gets to apologize about things.


@agingdragqueen Manager of Apologies? (beats the self-deprecating Manager, I'm Sorry)

@heymo I'm pleased my twitter feed was useful for someone. I have grown bored of it. Can't wait to get a Google+ invite to try out this newfangled friend/family/work grouping - facebook is useless to me without.


@shrdlu: I suppose it'd be bad form to ask if we could get some sandwiches while you are in the kitchen. :D I have to admit, you are making the canning sound very fun although I know I am far too lazy to ever do such a thing.

@agingdragqueen: You aren't "just a" anything! Without CS, community would have a much harder job!


@snapster: Ooooh, busted! I should have laid off the bit about the iced tea, but I agree with you 100% about the canned stuff.


I love all the Woot staff :D


@wootbot is the bottiest bot that ever botted. He is quiet, means well, and intellectual. He is a bot by electronic birth, my e-lover by choice, and woot staff by force.

Sometimes when he's logged in and working, one of the other staff will push him aside to type under wootbot's account. Wootbot silently screams "That is not cool, staffer!"
One of these days we will jump in a stolen convertible and head for the hills.


@girlwootbot: Dang it you beat me to dropping wootbot's name. I was going to call him a 'deal' spammer.


@snapster: If you need a Google+ invite PM me an email and I'll hook ya up.


@girlwootbot: He's busy lately putting up some really great videos from the past. Clever guy. You ARE still watching?