questionsdid you have ham for easter?


Roast beast. It was too hard trying to find a Kosher ham.


I did have ham. And I cooked it. All 14.2 pounds of it. I'd never cooked a ham before. Betty Crocker cookbook to the rescue! I'm told it was quite good. I don't like ham.


I had a Mel's Diner breakfast omelette with hot links and a biscuit/gravy and then Thai noodles for dinner, so, no, no ham here. Probably had swine in the hot link tho....


naturally. Twas the first family fanfare since my Grandfathers return home from the hospital so it was an especially delicious ham.


Yes and it was yummy! Combined Easter dinner with my brother's birthday celebration so we could have cake and ice cream, too :)


I wimped out and bought a "Honey of a Ham". Wicked ripoff.

Won't do that again.