questionsdoes anyone have a review for zumba fitness?


@wooty-fruity: Sorry, no personal experience with Zumba... However, I do highly recommend the EA Sports Active 2, especially is you're looking for this for a PS3... I've got one, and think that it's probably the best thing since Wii Fit. I've also got some friends who bought a PS3 specifically for it (as well as Blu-rays). It's been on sale a few times even lower than the current Amazon price of $58, but even at that price I'd recommend it highly :)
- Completely customizable music lists (and the built-in stuff is pretty decent)
- Amazing interactivity with actual measurements (not like the Wii Fit, which I can easily fool into thinking that I'm actually exercising)
- Awesome custom workouts for any type that you want - cardio, core, upper/lower body strength, flexibility, etc.

Happy hunting!


The Zumba fitness for PS3 is OK- I enjoy it better on the Xbox Kinect though. The game itself will make you sweat- no doubt about that, so that is a positive seeing as it is the ultimate goal. Some negatives to me are the fact that it does not register movements as well (accurately)and you have to keep messing with the control. Also, it does not have a good flow about it and seems not as cohesive. If you happen to have an Xbox (and Kinect)as well, I would opt for this particular game on that console.


I was actually debating between the EA sports but I thought maybe the zumba would be more fun as I am not really looking to lose weight or anything. Seems like the EA has better reviews maybe I'll go for that instead, thanks for all your input guys :-)


@wootmango22: Don't know if you've pulled the trigger just yet, but if you're looking, Amazon's video game deal of the day is for the Active2 set:


I haven't tried Zumba on anything but the Wii, so I can't answer your question. Still consider getting a good Zumba game, even if you went with the EA one. I love it! We have Zumba 2. It's an awesome experience, and it has helped me poke my head out of my shell more and more. Tanya can WORK ITT!!!!!

...And I'm seeing now that this post is super late.