questionswhat is the deal with wootbot?


It's probably just a number for street cred. I mean, y'all got on my case til I bought some cheese from wine.woot - just saying! :)


Wootbot buys digital toilet paper whenever it goes on sale.


I think it's an error in reporting, somehow. Note that wootbot's posts start with an initial zero, like any other account that hasn't yet made purchases.

It is strange, though. Perhaps @shawnmiller could throw some light on this.


Perhaps Wootbot takes one for the team and buys the last hard to sell item during a Woot-Off, thus triggering the next item for sale in the queue. You know what I'm talking about, you've refreshed the screen every 2 seconds for 3 hours and it's an HP refurbished desktop or a $1900 HD projector that no one will buy.

That sort of commitment should be commended, not questioned!

I got your back Wootbot


I think he buys Roombas to keep him company.


@jsimsace: You beat me to the roomba joke by 2 minutes! I scrambled to come up with something else but am out of ideas.


Silly people. He has to buy wine, cheese, and fleur de sal caramels from wine.woot for @girlwootbot. And she likes woot shirts, too.


He keeps buying up the BOCs that we cannot get.


Roombas and other various robots as they come available. It's an obvious answer, not just everyone can buy friends.


I'm not 100% certain, but I do believe that @wootbot wasn't always on the woot staff. I may be completely wrong, but at one point I do remember seeing @wootbot without the staff badge. So maybe that is the case; was @wootbot a normal person who's account name got bought by woot? Did @wootbot get hired by woot? So many questions!


@eraten: Wootbot has been making posts since almost the beginning of the site. I believe it was always a staff account. Often, as you may recall, a staff badge will suddenly disappear from someone we know to be staff. @thunderthighs has lost her badge before, as has @faughtey (thankfully, this seems to have not happened for quite some time).

In addition, I point out that the discrepancy has been repaired (the account now shows zero purchases). We may never know what caused it, but kudos and applause to whichever developer did the repair.


Dang it! The magic is gone. We'll never know what @wootbot bought.


@eraten: I believe @wootbot is a general staff account that is used by several different staffers; the consistency in the account is its uses, such as starting the discussion threads for items every night, rather than its user.


@jsimsace: Poor lonely Wootbot, having to buy companionship instead of being loved for who he is. Now I'm sad.


@jjkehoe: Not to worry. I will be @wootbot's friend, especially if he is buying fleur de sal caramels as mentioned by @wilfbrim!


...and for your reading pleasure, and some fine entertainment over the weekend, here it is:

drum roll please

The first post by @wootbot (also the first item offered for sale here on Woot).

Read the comments. Read them all. There aren't that many, and it'll be good for you.

Good times.


@shrdlu: Oh wow, that was a fun (and quick) read!


Now poor @wootbot looks so pitiful with a white qube and a 40% Deals.Woot reputation.