questionswill we get b.o.c and flying monkeys on his march…


Boggy Old Creatures are not guaranteed every Woot-Off.
Only time will tell...
(I'm betting there will be a boc & a monkey though)


Are we in a time warp, or are you talking about the 2012 woot off?


No monkies for 2 monthss, and no BoC last onth. Hope is something I pawned long ago.


@bnbsouthworth: sorry about that one. Typo on my part. Yes I meant 2012to thank you for catching that one, you see.its past 1 where I'm at.


@teenracer6: yes I too lost hope about the time woot started to tax me for products that they sold. But face it all good things must come to an end. Damn shame it had to be the beloved b.o.c and flying monkeys


I'm betting on no Bag Of Codfish this time AGAIN.

The level of whining during the lastr wootoff was through the roof.

Woot! is going old school and putting our spoiled "we need a BOC EVERY wootoff" behinds in their place!


@houndlax: I would say that I hope your wrong, but I lost hope a real long time ago.


The woot writers are claiming on their twitter feed (!/wootlive) that there will be no BOC again. Can they really be trusted? What do they know anyway?


@bsmith1: Woot has claimed alot of things in the past. But your right what do they really know and how much can we really trust them. I say that time will tell about our beloved B.O.C and flying monkeys.