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I love my Pure-Ion Pro Air Cleaner from Brookstone. I keep it in my bedroom mostly. Has multiple speeds and if very quit. On "low" it is about a loud as my laptop fan. There's also a "quiet" fan setting. There is also no expensive filter to change, simply wash out the filter when it needs cleaning (maybe monthly). It creates ozone as it works so it will naturally take out the odors of a room.

Cost is $249 currently, includes a 1-year warranty which Brookstone can exchange, in store or via phone, with no difficulties.


@jsoko: Thank you jsoko! Good suggestion, and thanks for the first-hand report!


I have a Honeywell from Costco that has a night setting, and is energy star compliant as well. It's on amazon now:

It makes a big difference especially this time of year.


@neilrs: Under the pure ion info they say, "This product meets voluntary UL867 guidelines of a maximum ozone emission limit of less than 50 ppb."

Everything is toxic. If you listen to all the various reports you will die of starvation or boredom.


Everyone in my family suffers from allergies in one form or another.Over the years I've tried a number of smallish room air filters. The only type that I've found that is really effective are the Blueair brand. I got one for our bedroom and eventually got one for each of the kids rooms too. They really do work. Of course they aren't cheap and they are not small. We went with the 200 series. We installed the carbon (smoke stop they call them) in them too. The filters need to be replaced twice a year, the high end carbon ones aren't inexpensive either. However they are quiet on the low setting and work as advertised. The first one we got is a little fancier than the other two, it has an option for Ions, a remote control (we never use) and it somehow senses the air and will turn up to a higher fan setting when needed.

Very well constructed (metal)
Filters HEPA or HEPA + Carbon types
Quiet on low and medium
Expensive unit and filters
Big unit


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I realize they aren't a deal but you can get refurb ones on the blueair site and save some money, I got mine on Amazon. I've tried the honeywell tower type, the ones that look like little round hassocks you name it. These beat those hands down for performance. I like to take my vacuum's hand attachment and clean the face of the filter on ours to keep them working well. Cat and dog hair along with dust tends to accumulate :(


I have found especially with my Ionic Breeze from Sharper Image is that they start out quiet for awhile and as time goes on they make a hissing noise even though I have cleaned it and followed all instructions.


If price is not a concern, the best company out there is Austin Air. They have many models to suit various needs. Good luck...


@lpgstock: Are they quiet?

Also, what makes them the "best"? The products look good on the outside. But the specification does not list either CADR or noise could I know what is being delivered?