questionsso i am geting a kindle fire for christmas. what…


We got the Kindle Fire as a "Work Device". (So I look over my shoulder and see my boss and say.) I use it for keeping notes at meetings, updating a to do list, and researching troubleshooting tips while repairing computers. (Boss goes out of sight) Okay you get these really cool apps for free each day on the Amazon app store, that keep you busy while you are "waiting", waiting in line, waiting for dinner, waiting for wife to stop talking to you, ect. You get access to all kinds of content / movies at least for the first month for free (great baby sitter for your kids - Thomas the Train / Bob the Builder, ect). Lastly if ever attacked on the street, I would use it as a weapon and beat the attacker senseless (That gorilla glass is tough)


So I use an iphone so I am kind of bummed i have to rebuy certain apps like angry birds etc...

So how does the free app a day thing work ? Do you subscribe to an email list or what ?


As soon as you go into the appstore on amazon, you will see it at the top. There is a new one each day. Youjust visit whatever day's you want a free app.


And from the Fire, if you go to the app store the free app is prominently displayed.
They are also doing some .10 apps but they are darn difficult to find. It's quite annoying. Not that that stops me from looking mind you.
There's this rolling panda game that's been a bunch of fun. Stupid Zombies is a great game. Dabble is a good word game.