questionshas anyone built a bar in their basement?


I'm having trouble putting some of my design thoughts into words, so I'm gonna sketch part of my answer. I do have some questions. Are you planning on putting in a mini-fridge, or a full size refrigerator? Is a kegerator in your budget? How close is the nearest electrical outlet?Is there a place to mount shelves behind the bar (for bottles)?

Okay, I'm off to photoshop to try my hand at drawing. We'll see how that goes.


Just go on a 1970's game show. They used to give away bar units all the time.


You don't want your working surface (where you'll be making drinks and cutting fruit) to be four feet off the ground, unless you're really tall. Most tables/countertops are somewhere in the range of 3 feet. The other side of the bar, where people will be sitting, can be higher. That's pretty typical of any bar. It give you room to have things like a blender, glasses, etc without it all being in the way.

The supports are there to keep the taller half of the table in place. You'd need to use plenty of very long wood screws to make sure it's secure and will stay that way. What else...I'll give it some thought, and with some more details about what you have room for, maybe we can get this going.


Glass storage and a space for a sink or wash and rinse buckets should be included.

A few months ago there were several discussions about the best man cave. Fun to re-read.


@rprebel: Sorry for the delayed response. 'twas a long day at work! I'm planning on putting a mini fridge behind it. I have an old long & skinny workbench that previous owners left that I'm planning on refinishing to match whatever I use the bar for, the mini-fridge I'm looking for would fit there so I won't need to put anything on the new bar that I'm making. Just cabinets/shelves below the prep area. And maybe some room for a sink if I decide to get crazy with plumbing. I just want an area for people to sit, and an area to prepare drinks on the opposite side. I guess I really didn't think about the prep side being shorter and the sitting side being taller. I can't think of much else, I just want enough space for 3-4 people to sit comfortable on a bar stool, so I'll definitely need a nice foot rail as well. I'm sure that'll be something that I will have to order though. Your sketch was very helpful and envisioning what I want so far!


My husband put one in his basement before we met - it is really nice. His is in the corner, so the side wall has a counter with cabinets below it for storage and prep (this is in a recessed area - the rest of the wall of the basement is offset and comes out another 2 ft). The bar area is all one height and about 2 ft wide, directly across from the back wall, then it turns 90 degrees to parallel the side wall for a bit, leaving an opening to get behind the bar. (which turns the corner almost into another room with a wall on 2 sides and a bar on the other 2 sides). He has small cabinets running along the top of the bar - but I can't imagine you actually need that much stuff and his were usually empty. I think he was just practicing his cabinetry skills. He has a mini-fridge and microwave but no sink. I don't have pics readily available or I'd post them.


If you would give us a sketch like @rprebel did it would help my pea-brain a little bit. I'm still sorta' confused about the layout. :)

EDIT: @rprebel: That is exactly the way that the bar is made halfway around our kitchen. :)

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Now this a great question to ask the woot community. Amazing minds coming together to create something useful. My heart has been warmed for the night.


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