questionsis it possible to page woot employees in theā€¦


Oh yeah, one more complaint. They can't seem to edit their own work in a timely fashion but they certainly have the manpower to jump all over discussion tags, question phrasing, and comments that aren't offensive but they are bitter about.

Maybe woot could pay one of those employees to edit the content that actually matters.


Unfortunately, using @staffname does not work over on the main woot sites. The best way to get ahold of somebody is to either email into, or drop a comment into This Thread


@lichme: Ugh. Why do they make it so difficult?


@thepenrod: I hear ya. Unfortunately, the messaging system here at woot is in need of a serious overhaul, and it is something that has been pointed out several times. Hopefully it is on the to do list.


I would try summoning them in this thread and ask them to respond to the question over in wine.woot. Looks like TT posts in there, as well as someone named blaculadave, so you could try one of them.


@thepenrod: Here's some suggestions. I've used all of these methods, depending on who and on what, and they work to varying degrees.

First, I will try a comment on the thread for the concerned product. This often has the desired result. Plus deals are tougher, but at least wine dot woot only has a couple.

There's hoping that one or more innocent staff moderators are able to forward the issue up the food chain (not naming names here, but this is also effective). Try not to abuse this one. This only works for those who are also active on the Deals side.

I have (rarely, and only in desperation) used the Tattle on a comment in the forums. I make a comment first, and then click on Tattle to "report" the comment. This has been successful at least once.

Last, but not least, bring up your point on the World of Woot forum on Woot proper. You have some chance of it just not being seen, but it may also lead to the issue being addressed.


I answered your question

You asked the question on the weekend and we don't have full staff on the weekends.

Also, we don't control the List or MSRP of the items. That's set by the vendor or manufacturer. I wouldn't worry too much about the list price. It's the sale price that makes the difference.


@thunderthighs: I figured about the weekend, but I gave it a full business day before bringing it up again so I'm not a total putz.

Thank you for answering. I know that the original price doesn't seem to matter to anybody else (that discussion came up long ago), but it really is an issue of honesty (or you could say forthrightness) in business. So I'm guessing the onus is on the beehive cheese company here.

This minor issue has put a bad taste in my mouth. Not really in the mood for cheese anymore.


@thepenrod: I can't say the MSRP matters so much to me but the constant product typos or misinformation is a problem. Woot is a big boy now, it's time to start dressing the part.


@nmchapma: We're constantly working on it. Even though we're owned by the big boys, we're still a small company. We've got a few people doing a lot of things.


@thunderthighs: I understand having a few people do the work of many. The problem shows up in all industries I believe. Woot's offerings have expanded significantly. Expecting the same small group of employees to perform 5 times the work without a decrease in quality is crazy. I realize it's not something the average employee can fix but it's a problem regardless.