questionsdid you see the "deal gremlin" deal posted…


pretty good price...only 10 minutes left on the deal!



Seems to be 30 minutes. What's going to happen after the time runs out? The deal goes away or the price reverts back to a regular price? Hmm....


Just to clarify, this isn't a Facebook/social media thing. I'm just helping visibility on the DG link. You can see him live on tools.woot under the main product (although by the time I finish writing this, he will probably be gone).


Deal Gremlin? How many times do I have to tell you NOT to feed the deals after midnight?


@stile99: shoot son, if feeding the deals after midnight gets us back to the 50% off deals we all know and love i say we set them up an all you can eat buffet.


So now we know what happens. After the time is up, the link goes away. If you were to go to the page that contained the deal, it's sold out.


Ah, that brought back memories of the short lived woot! Happy Hour...