questionswill i get multiple random colors on my bottle…


Yeah, your best bet would be to page a mod....@jumbowoot, are you around?


@pitamuffin: That is what I was thinking, but im so nervous to summon them... Ok, here goes, @inkycatz @ThunderThighs .... you guys out there? I saw @Jumbowoot is active on some other posts this morning, but isn't he/she more deals.woot focused?


and of course at the EXACT SECOND that I page a mod for the first time, deals.woot goes down for 7 hours. awesome. I will never ever have an answer to this question it seems.

Lets try that again @thunderthighs and @inkycatz



Inkycatz no longer works for woot.

Can't say what you'll get as it will depend on who does the picking and what we have left. They're probably shipped from an Amazon fulfillment center. Given that it's on Sellout, you can assume that we're trying to move through the last of them.


@thunderthighs: Wait, what? Am I that out of the loop? Not even a "Peace, out!" or anything?


@thunderthighs: I would have thought there was someone picking, but wouldnt they at least make an effort to pick more than one color? It just seems cruel and lazy to pack 10 of the same color into a box and consider that a job well done when the item description said "random". When I read random, I assume I will get a random distribution, otherwise I would hope to see some distribution rates for each color.