questionscan i get some suggestions for running in cold…


The best thing you can do is be sure you drink lots of water. Also, be sure you stretch and stay loose before the race. Racing in cold conditions causes cramping. Be sure you keep those muscles warm until the start.

I also recommend something on your ears (a head band works great). A pair of tights might offer some additional warmth on your legs, but at just 40º, it probably won't be necessary.

Best of luck to you on your race! It's been years since I've been able to run competitively (bad knees from years of doing high jump).

@jumbowoot: Do they have 5k treadmill races? :p


@capguncowboy: Hmm... we all know the start time. We can all get a copy of the course online. Why shouldn't we all be able to race in the comfort of our own home? Discrepancies between machines could be agreed upon. Performance enhancing substances could be measured and compensated for. The Indoor Racing Association. A dream whose time has come.

All told.


You'll probably be fine because the 5K won't take too long, but when I ran my 3 miles last week in a light snow, I wore a light layer over all my skin, including thin gloves. I had on a long sleeve shirt with a short sleeve pocket tee over it (like Sheldon, lol). (I put my Sansa in the pocket because I don't like stuff strapped to my arm on my run.) I even had a gaitor around my neck, and I'd duck down into it occasionally, but that's mostly because I don't like breathing cold air. I also started out with a light hoodie, but that got shucked off really quickly. I love running, altho I am a slowpoke. Good luck!


If you think you will be comfortable in your normal outfit for the bulk of the run, but are concerned about pre-race, then garbage bags are your best friend if you don't have a safe place to stash sweats. Cut a hole in the middle of the bottom for your head and instant "jacket".

At 40 degrees I'd probably also will wear a light sweatshirt/jacket and take it off and tie it around my waist for the rest of the run when I get hot. I hate being hot and would rather be cold so I err on the side of less clothes. I also find tights with zippers at the base are nice because you can unzip the bottom to cool you down. I agree with @goneferal about breathing cold air though - I'd probably wear a light scarf type thing to breathe through especially if it is windy. Although 40 isn't too bad for that to me.

Good luck in the race!


My son is a marathoner who is about to take on his second triathlete event.

I think you're all demented.


@magic cave: one of my running shirts says "Running is a mental sport...we are all insane." As both a runner and a triathlete, I'd say triathletes are probably crazier :)


I'd find an old sweatshirt or pick up a cheap one from somewhere, and then ditch it when it's race time. Some events collect the clothes left behind and donate them to charity. Alternatively, you could wear a garbage bag to keep some warmth and then toss it at the event.

For a 5K, you should be fine in that 40 degree weather. If you haven't been training outdoors, I'd recommend at least trying to get a couple of training runs to get your body acclimated to the weather and pavement.

Good luck!


I use to tough it up and layer up with breathable base layers and a waterproof jacket. However, now if it's below freezing, windy, and/or icy/snowy outside, I hate to say it but I stay inside and run on a treadmill. No worries about freezing or falling down.


cold is more mental than physical and 40 isn't all that cold (not all that warm either). I would wear one extra layer that was disposable as someone else said on here. If you have friends or family coming out, wear a jacket to the start line then right before you begin hand it to them. I have two guys by me that run all winter in the same exact outfits that they do in summer, the only difference is the long sleeve and pants undergarments (like thermal dry fit). THey are still in the same shorts and t shirts. They both wear ear protection, not ear muffs and not a stocking cap, can't think of what that tubular thing you wear is called.


I appreciate all the input so far. If anyone else has more to add, please do.

It's supposed to be 40 degrees Friday morning, so I'll use that as my test to see how comfortable I am in my regular running outfit.


I wear a hat and gloves and end up taking them off halfway through my regular 8 mile runs. I'm a cheap-o so I just stash them in my pockets. I've also got a pair of sweatpants intended for running... underarmor isn't cheap, but it does a very nice job. I'd suggest doing a couple trial runs in colder weather and see what you like, really. It's a lot of personal preference.


I like to layer up, and then shed the layers as I run. I come back later to get my stuff, they're usually still there.