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Beautiful kitty! RIP Swayzie Thank you for sharing this w/us. I do know what you're both going through. I have been there too often. Tears falling....


RIP sweet kitty. Hugs to you both, I know how hard it is to lose your furbabies!


Cute guy, we had a cat who looked a lot like that and convinced me everyone should have an orange cat in their lives. Hope you and your lady find comfort in each other.


@gmwhit: Thank you. He was an angel of a little boy for her. All the other animals (another cat, a dog and a bird) also know what happened and they were all very quiet today. My white kitty even gave out multiple mourning wailing meows. She guarded his body all night.

Swayzie was the second orange kitty that she has to bury (figuratively speaking) and I think she remembers. Even the shiba dog was so well behaved today, it's amazing.

They know. We are both very privileged to have them in our lives.

And once again, thank you every one.


Rest peacefully, orange kitten. As the owner of two orange kitties, this hits close to home. Very sorry for your loss.


@bmw66x: Thank you. Yes, they are so wonderful. He is the 2nd orange tabby I have lost (and for the girl white kitty, too). They are truly the nicest and sweetest cats.


So sorry for your loss but glad you could be with kitty at that time. I'm sure it brought much comfort.



My condonlences to you, your lady, and other members of your pet family. Losing a pet is so hard, though at least you were able to be there for both him and her, which I am sure helped.


So very sorry for your loss. How lucky you both were to have such a sweet kitty in your lives, and to still have the other furred and feathered ones. God bless.


Very sorry for your loss. We lost one of ours about 6 weeks ago (she was 17). It was hard not having her stocking up this season.


No words can ease the pain that you guys are currently going through. I hope you and yours are able to make it through this holiday season without too much discomfort.

RIP lil fella!


So sorry about your loss. I lost my "Punkin" in February and still haven't gotten over it, but I adopted a 6 year old "Sweetie" in September, and she does help ease the pain; but she'll never replace Punkin. I feel your grief. I hope that down the road you will find another special kitty to love and I highly recommend you check out your local no-kill shelter. Thank you for sharing.


So sorry for your loss. So many of us have been there and know what you are going through.


Sorry to hear about your loss.
Can't imagine what would happen if I lost my cat. Got choked up the other day when GF asked what if I had to get rid of the cat because of the baby. I almost cried right there. I love my cat.


@wickedd365: There is pretty much never a legitimate reason to get rid of a pet when a baby comes. Nearly all the reasons you'll hear are merely old folk tales with no medical legitimacy at all. Talk to your pediatrician before making any such decision.


I too am saddened by your loss. As a pet owner, I've felt that nearly over-whelming loss myself many times and, like others here, understand fully the depth of your sorrow. It sounds as if you and your lady are doing exactly the right things -- for the two of you -- to get through the darkness.


I'm so sorry for your loss. Saying goodbye to pets is one of the hardest things to do. I hope your hearts mend quickly, and I am sending wishes of extra cat nip for your kitty to the big guy upstairs.

(and that picture is freaking adorable)


Seriously, you guys give me hope about humanity.

Thank you, once again.


My sincere condolences. May you and your lady be granted inner peace.


Adding my condolences. The furry ones are a big part of our family.