questionshoneymoon ideas on a $1000 budget?


Where are you travelling from? I think that will influence airfare pretty heavily - a la, cheap to get to Bermuda from NYC, not so cheap from Seattle.


Also, have you considered registering with a travel agent? I've seen in my research (I'm getting married next year) that some couples will register with a travel agent and their guests can contribute towards the honeymoon. Apologies if you're already considered!


@dcalotta: Also, depending on where you are located people could suggest a honeymoon "on a tank of gas," where you could drive to a nice destination somewhere relatively local to you where you might not normally go.

The wife and I did this, we were young and didn't have a ton of money, so we decided to find a nice place within acceptable driving distance and it was great. We got a lot more bang for our buck by not having to pay airfare and we were able to get better lodging, meals, etc.


@ganzhimself: True, didn't even consider that. Also, I guess if you're close to a port you could do much better with a cruise versus having to fly somewhere for a cruise.


@ganzhimself: That's what we did to. It was a long drive (8+ hours) but we had a fantastic time.


I live in central NY area so getting to NYC for a cruise port isnt so bad but thanks for the ideas so far,


Excellent question and congratulations!

I just got engaged and we're planning on getting married in the Sept-Oct timeframe as well!
I think I'm just going to monitor this question and get some ideas for myself as well!

I had wondered if it'd be worthwhile to talk to a travel agent of some sort as well...


@ganzhimself: We did that for our honeymoon, also. Found a beautiful, fully equipped rental cabin about five hours away and spent a lovely week away from the world. Discovered a great drive-through animal-safari park, explored a lot of beautiful mountain country, lazed in front of the huge stone fireplace, thoroughly tested the cabin's jacuzzi, and spent lots of time, ah, entertaining ourselves. Total cost was just under $1100.

That was in 1999, and we've done the same sort of vacation (in numerous other locations within a day's drive) once or twice a year since. October is a particularly nice time for such a trip.


Take a look around for a B&B (bed and breakfast) in a scenic town nearby. You'll get very personalized service, get to know some new people, support your local economy, and certainly have a great time. Highly recommended!


@moorerandall: You could do Montreal or Toronto. Take a leaf peepers vacation in Vermont, go to the outerbanks in North Carolina. From where you are, it's a question more of what do I want to do, and then go from there.


Did I pick up correctly that you live in New York? That's a big advantage. I live in the middle of nowhere and plane fare is ridiculous. I just planned out an 8 day trip to Costa Rica for three adults with RT air, gorgeous resort hotels in four cities, a rental SUV, and breakfasts at all hotels for about $1,100 per person and 2/3rds of that was the plane fare. Do you have a passport?


I'd check out for some of their all-inclusive deals. I think I saw a trip to Ireland on there for six hundred including airfare.


@kerowyn: That's a great deal and I was going to send them the link, but it's predicated on four travelers. If they can go a bit more, there's a 7 day Mediterranean cruise I have been salivating at for under $700 each, and out of New York they could get decent plane fares-- I think it departs Rome. But that would put them at around $2,000 for 2 people.

Anyone who considers a cruise should always check Once you pick out your cruise, you go there and post it and travel agents "bid" for your business, taking a cut off their commission for the easy job. Some cruise companies don't allow discounts to their advertised prices, but the cruise compete agents may be able to get you on board credits instead.

OT: Are you a Mercedes Lackey fan by chance?


@moondrake: I'm going to have to check out cruise compete. That's pretty neat! And yes, I am indeed a Lackey fan. Nice catch. :)


I don;t know if you are still monitoring this, but I just got this in my mailbox and thought you might be interested. It is outside your price range but a very nice deal, very romantic and you should be able to get decent plane tickets from New York.

Castle & Manor Tour – Ireland