questionsokay people, have we finally taken the "deep-fry…


Not until you've had Deep Fried Shark.


Do you seriously doubt the American drive to create food with the most negative nutritional value possible? Somewhere in a deserted wherehouse I bet someone is working on deep fried crack.


Saw a sign for Deep Fried Butter at the Puyallup fair last year. It was also not far from the "lost children" station.

I tried not to think about it too hard but failed dismally every time I walked by. I did however, get Deep Fried Reeces Cups and thought it was "worth doing once, never again".


for those of you interested in judging the deep fried cereal for yourselves, check out Chicken Charlie's at these fine locations:

San Diego County Fair ----------- June 8-July 4
Orange County Fair --------------- July 13-August 12
Los Angeles County Fair -------- Aug 31-Sept 30


I suppose that's one way to make HFCS Crunch look like a healthy alternative ...


@hobbitss: I've had fried ice cream in several Mexican restaurants. Delicious!


@hobbitss: Local sushi place does a tempura ice cream that's pretty excellent.

Also had a deep fried cheesecake that was worth another go if I ever get the chance! But would not ever consider trying Daniel Tosh's invention, Deep Fried Mayo Balls!


I like deep fried ice cubes.
They make my gin and tonics something special.

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I think deep-fried anything tastes....deep-fried. No thanks.


Scotland has already deepfried everything. You can bring your own food into a chipshop and they'll batter & fry it for you. Even pizza.