questionscan anyone help me find replacement rugs for our…


How cheap is cheap? You don't specify the size. What state, please? (You can always send me a PM if you don't want to say where in public.)

Sears. Target. Krogers (some of these, like the ones that used to be Fred Meyers, have more than just groceries). Walmart (just guessing, since I don't go to Walmart, but it seems like they would).

I would go to the local consignment and antique stores. I know that I see area rugs in some of the stores I go to, and can't see why that wouldn't be universal. When you say ruined, are you sure? I've used the large commercial washers on such rugs, and had very happy results.


Flor Tiles. They come in all sorts of patterns, thicknesses, and colors.


I have ordered a couple of rugs from (always checking reviews first), and for a couple of hundred dollars for 9 x 12, my lr and dr both look really well. A lot of people ask about where did I get the orientals.


I was just at Target today, and they have all of their indoor/outdoor rugs on clearance. I saw a couple nice looking ones, around 5' x 7' or so, not 100% sure on that, but they were about $35.


Depending on the type of carpet you are looking for don't forget the Remnants section of the Carpet Store, you can find some nice sized pieces there, sometimes they also throw stuff that has been discontinued there too or is too small to carpet a room but might fit a space.


Depending on where you live, you might want to see if you can file a claim with the city to get reimbursed for any damage the blocked culvert has caused. This would include the cost to replace all of the rugs.

I used to work for an independent insurance adjuster and we handled these types of claims for our city.

Make sure you take photos of everything.