questionsare you able to see the aurora borealis from…


I wonder if I'll be seeing them here in Shandong once the earth rotates a little more. I'm sitting just about on the same latitude line as Alabama :)


Not here, but I'm towards the east coast with all that light pollution. It's also a bit cloudy this evening so that pretty much seals the deal.

I don't feel too bad about it. I've seen and photographed the aurora on a trip to Alaska. It would still be nice to see them from the warmth of my house though.


we in wahsington get 2 see them quite often ... but for the mid east, has 2 to be cool. i grew up in michigan and never seen it till i moved to washington when i was 30 .


I'm in the East-coast light pollution situation myself, but I just thought I'd contribute the following link for those that might be interested in such things:

A video made from time-lapse images taken from the ISS as it passed over an aurora. :)