questionsyet another "why was my comment deleted…


Maybe they would know the answer over in tech.woot?


I'm sorry to say it, but I think the mods are trying to keep the product forums more product-specific than they have in the past.

That being said, your comment probably fit squarely into the grey area. A mod probably thought it looked more white than black (or vice-versa) and it was poof'd.


@lumpthar: Yup, I am assuming that was also the motivator for allowing pictures and videos over here on d.w. - to give an outlet for that kind of stuff that is not so welcome on the other site forums.

I wasn't around much for the last woot off, was it pretty strict for that too or still pretty lax?


@meh3884: I don't remember specifically, but I remember @thunderthighs mentioning something (EDIT: during the last woot-off) about having to weed through the comments on the forums to try to keep them on target.


That is a shame. Thanks for explaining.


@lumpthar: Too bad. It used to be they let the rules slide quite a bit during woot offs. Especially with items that took a couple hours to sell out. The cats would rain down!


The "good old days" are behind us. :(


Two reasons for that delete. One is, it wasn't product related. Second was that it pointed out a buyer a little more agressively than our usual first sucker, last to buy stuff. The latter was my main concern though.

We've always tried to keep the product threads "on topic". That's not to say that we delete all the cute comments and the like. However, I do kinda have to play DJ for the first hour or so to ensure a good balance between humorous comments and posts with actual product info and questions. For example, I don't want all the products posts to fall to the second page because the first page is full of "sucks", "lame", "we need", etc.

Comments about the the site design, failing of woot in general, and similar topics belong in World of Woot, not the product thread.

Hope that helps.