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Mine was in junior high and I've never talked about it. But since this is somewhat annonymous... Why not.

I was sitting in Algebra class and having stomach issues. I asked the teacher to use the restroom multiple times but he rejected my pleas. I sat back at my desk and didn't say another word. Needless to say that my stomach couldn't hold up untill the class ended.

I sit there with soggy jeans listening to the other students complain about the stinch until the class ended. I then skipped the rest of my classes and went straight home.

One of the worst days of my life. Thank goodness it was years ago.


I was in college and had an 8am exam the next day. I made the stupid decision to go to a party. I got home around 5am and decided to sleep a bit. At 8:10 am I woke up and realized I was late. I grabbed clothes from a clean basket of laundry and ran to class.

When I sat down to start my exam, I took my coat off and I could hear people laughing behind me. I couldn't figure out why. I thought it was because I was late. I finished my test early (yeah, I'm that smart ;) and when I went up to turn my test in, the room burst into laughter. I was still clueless.

When I got home, I realized that I had a pair of clean underwear stuck to the back of my sweater. Static cling. I've faithfully used fabric softener in every load of laundry since then.


I, too, was in junior high when mine happened. I had to wear a wig due to a disorder. A kid in my class came up behind me at school and pulled my wig off in the hallway just after the last class of the day (while everyone was still getting their stuff from their lockers). I put my wig back on, punched him (not particularly effective as he was much bigger than me and I've never been especially muscular), and went home crying. Thankfully, even though everyone was still in the hallway, nobody seemed to have seen the incident. It happened to be the day we'd all gotten our school pictures back and everyone was distracted with them.


When I was in the forth grade I was I was at the pool of a hotel my family was staying at. I had been at the pool for hours and with out knowing this I had a hole in my shorts and my... boyhood was hanging out. I had no idea how long it was out on display but some lady called my over gave me a towel and told me what happened and that I should probably go find my parents. After she said that I noticed everyone one they was looking at me. I was never one to be ashamed or embarrassed easily when I was young but that was enough to get me to check my bathing suits every time before I go swimming even now that it has been about 18 years since that happened.


One time... at band camp.... oh, nevermind.


The high school talent show of my senior year, I'd auditioned with and planned to play an original song. 2 days before the show, I wrote a much better one. I decided to be brave and go for it.

...I forgot great portions of it while on stage in front of what felt like thousands (but was really more like 100-200) people. Afterward I went behind the school and cried for ages.

I still feel weird thinking about it, and that was something like 8 years ago. :/ I know it sounds like a silly thing to be so upset over, but back then I derived most of my self-esteem from being musical, and that was a big blow. :(

On the bright side, posting this felt cathartic, so thanks, @cornellbigred. :)


I'm certainly not going to air my embarrassments on the net. Too many eyes.


While working at a local HMO office, I sent a document back to the office that had sent it on to me for a re-do on the sign-off line. I stuck a post-it on it saying "Someone has handwriting that's very hard to read. Please sign off on another copy and send it down, thanks."

The woman who had signed it called and apologized. I tried to pass it off as a joke, saying, "Well, it's just that it looks like someone signed it with their foot." She then said, "Yes, I sometimes get sloppy with those forms. They're the only ones I have to write on, I do all the rest of my work verbally, because I'm blind..."


We went camping with a group of people.
We retired to our tent early, lit the lantern, felt a bit frisky, and went for it.
Five seconds after the big finale, we heard applause.
Ah, yup. More people had showed up, and were milling about. A bright lantern and thin tent material made for a great shadow puppet show.


@nafsllib: Would that you could have had the chance to sit in your teacher's chair for a few minutes before you left for home. I'm betting it would have made the trip more bearable.


@notthaticare: That probably would have helped. I hated that teacher. This is one of the many reasons I think coaches should not be forced to teach a classroom. They don't care what they say or do in the classroom, all of their efforts go towards what happens on the field or court.


10th grade, a new HS, first dance, brand new white painters pants. I know exactly zero people, no one talks to me or asks me to dance, I call my mom to pick me up. It had rained earlier. I go to the schools pick up area and wait for mom. A car full of guys races up the street, sees me standing there in my glaring white pants, drives by and makes sure they hit the gutter full of rainwater and mud. I am now covered in gutter crap. The car takes off to the sound of howling laughter. Five minutes go by, still no mom. I hear a car approaching, I turn to look, it's the car load of guys again. It was so funny the first time, they came back to do it again. I am paralyzed with fear and cold and just stand there in disbelief. The inevitable tidal wave of gutter mud splashes over me and I stand there cold, alone, mud covered and humiliated listening to the sound of pealing tires and laughter drive away. Mom finally shows up. I am the punch line to those idiots Best. Story. Ever. now.


@dreamyvelvet: That's awful. :( Maybe instead of being the punchline to their "best story ever," you're actually the memory of their adolescent selves that they look back on as adults and cringe in remembering their cruelty.


@thebopster: It isn't like we haven't all seen the video.....


@nafsllib: Ouch, honestly (and anonymously) I had pretty much the same thing happen once when I was in elementary. I think I still hold a grudge against that teacher... I've mostly repressed the memory though so it doesn't bother me anymore :D


Oh my god... When I was around 8, I was at a pool, and I was in the room where you change from your bathing suit to your clothes, and I was a bit late changing, and a family of four came in, with only my underwear on. Omg i almost died.


At the start of my driving test I went into someone's car by mistake. I only realized when my teacher ran out and told me. I think I would have kept trying to start the damn car until someone told me... maybe I was too nervous. But the most embarrassing part was that the car wasn't even the same color. Now it will be engraved in my mind forever...