questionswhat's your favorite leftover turkey recipe?


Mine is just eat a turkey bacon sammich.

-Multigrain bread
-Cheese (Cheddar and Bleu)


@coolphilip04: You forgot that the most essential ingredient of any sammich is woman

Without them, there are NO sammiches


Turkey salad - mayo, onion, turkey, apple. Cut the last three into medium-small cubes, mix in enough mayo for things to stick together but not be too gloopy. Eat with a fork, or as a sandwich.

Turkey + mashed potato sandwich - Lightly toast the bread (mostly to make it rigid enough to hold together). Spread on some cold or room temperature mashed potatoes, hot works too. Layer on turkey to taste. Add some mayo or a little heated up gravy to add some moisture.

Scrambled Eggs with Turkey - Make scrambled eggs. Add turkey during cooking process. Not the best recipe, but makes scrambled eggs a little more interesting without adding cheese. (Not that you couldn't use turkey AND cheese.)