questionsdid you expect a boc tonight?


No, I haven't ever expected a bag of crap... nor will I ever. So I am not disappointed... and I am pretty excited because I am sitting here waiting for a fat man in a red suit to come down my chimney with a bag of non crappy presents. There is no way I am going to miss him tonight, no sleeping for me...


I expected it & had hope... but am not surprised.
no ragequit, ragefist, or ragesleep from me.
Have a happy holiday everybody


let's all calm down and look at narwhals.


I was really hoping they would have one to redeem themselves.

I miss the days of bragging to friends and family about how cool woot was... Maybe that was woot's downfall...too many people knew about the site. I should have just kept my mouth shut about it.

@carl669: what the eff is wrong with that dog?


I didn't really expect a boc tonight, but I showed up just in case.


@bsmith1: if you were a dog and your owner dressed like a tool, wouldn't you be messed up?



Came to deals.woot, was not disappointed! Sign of times to come?*

*NO I AM NOT IMPLYING THERE WILL BE A BOC HERE there's nothing I can say ever again and have it mean what I intended, is there.


No, because this is not the Woot of the good 'ol days. Sadly...

Bring back Snapster!


Yes, I did expect a BoC, set a note for myself and everything. A bit disappointed to find batteries instead. Not disappointed enough to go nuts over. I mean, it's Christmas after all.


@agingdragqueen: Let me get this straight...are you saying that with out a doubt there's going to be a bag of crap on deals.woot today at 8 pm central? I think that's what I'm reading.


I miss my BOC's! The days of obtaining one like good ol' times is long gone for the new generation of wooters! Feliz Navidad to all!


I went to bed at 11:30 woot time. I guess that says it all, right? Merry Christmas to you all regardless!