questionshow long does it usually take for a shirt.woot…


I've waited as much as 2 weeks for a shirt.woot order to ship, so you're still my range. But you might drop them an email anyway, just to be sure.


My purchase from "King of the Grill" shipped right on Jun 6, the day shipping was supposed to begin. My purchases from the Penguins vs. Bunnies Cagematch were actually shipped Apr 9, two days before shipping was supposed to begin.

I would send them an email if they haven't shipped a week or two after shipping is supposed to begin.


I had a side sale shirt ship two days after I purchased it. I've also had my side sale shirts ship on the day of. I'm with the other two, send them an e-mail just as an inquiring mind. I understand the desire to get them. I'm always anxious waiting for my shirt.woot! shirts.


Are you waiting for a mug to ship? Mine is also "awaiting shipping." My guess is that woot did not print the mugs themselves, so they're probably waiting for an outside vendor. (Hopefully this means that the mugs will actually arrive without printing errors!) In the past, I've had side sale items ship a few days early, but generally, they seem to ship on Friday/Monday after the sale has ended. I'd give it a few more days, especially if it's a mug, but if it would make you feel more comfortable, go ahead and shoot service an email.


During the Beach Bums side sale, some of the items (like ladies tanks) took much longer to ship than other items. I actually received my hoodie before my tank shipped - and lost out on a second koozie because it took so long to ship :(

My story does not end finally shipped June 22nd. I received it yesterday! It was more or less lost by FedEx and only after my second call to them and an email to service@woot did it miraculously appear. Keep tabs on your items and if they don't move in the smartpost system - call and speak to a live person about it.


@neuropsychosocial: Yes, it is a mug that is still awaiting shipping. You make a good point. I had not thought about the possibility of them not printing the mugs themselves.

Thank you, everyone, for the replies. I hadn't seen anyone else mention that their mugs hadn't shipped yet (probably because everyone else is more patient than I am), so I was worried it was just me. I feel much better now.