questionsanyone other than me fascinated by professional…


It is what causes secondary gawker accidents on the highway. We can't stand to look, but cannot look away.

Morbid curiosity is a strong force. My oldest son is the only one I know who can resist it. He actually won't look. Then again, I had to take him out in a wheelchair because he got woozy from having his blood drawn. Better he doesn't look.


"Fascinated" sounds awfully sadistic IMHO.


When you see a few of these first hand you get much less fascinated. It's all fun and games until you see a teammate/friend with a dislocated knee, dislocated shoulder, cracked collar bone, popped wrist ligaments (they really do just roll up and form a ball), large cuts and concussed while bleeding heavily from their mouth and nose. And that was just 1 season.... You stop becoming as interested when you see what its like in person rather then just images.


Not to mention the sounds and the smells...Have you ever HEARD a human bone break? Or experienced the smell of massive amounts of blood? How about burning flesh? I have, and all are quite nauseating. I don't have any desire to see the pictures or the videos...the real thing was enough for me. Over the years I've learned that I can handle the sight of just about any injury and deal with it as necessary, but after everything is taken care of my stomach will empty itself.