questionswhat do you think my wife bought last night?


That's awesome! I was wondering if someone would do that, in their over-tired, crap-starved state! XD
Had some good laughs this woot-off :)


I'm sure they'll cancel the order. I ordered a Roku for a friend once and then an hour later she decided she didn't want it and I emailed woot and they canceled it.


How do you buy a $1000 Bag of Crap when they only cost $8?


@jsimsace: I believe this thread will give you your answer.

@jordan711: Well, congratulations(?) on getting a BoC, and I hope you get it cancelled before it messes with your bank account!


@jsimsace: I haven't been as active as I was since the site change. I see a code was needed, but haven't read any of the forum questions to figure out what it's all about.


@jsimsace: Woot put out a hidden sale for those who have been forever dubbed the "Honest 200" for Map #1. They got an email with the link and a coupon code for a $997 discount. It apparently isn't hidden from people using deal alert tools (I noticed last night someone pointed out that WootAlyzer notified peoples of Map #2's URL when it became available).

Link to forum post about WootAlyzer:


@kalira: Definitely don't want this BOC.

I can't imagine how many Chuck Norris dolls I would get for a $1000 BOC


@jordan711: And now for the $1,000 question...

That sale was set up for the "Honest 200" and would likely have only had a quantity of 200...

Did your wife spend $1000 to swipe the bag meant as a 2nd chance for a person who was supposedly previously cheated?


@dubdubdub: I'll be honest, I don't know what you're talking about haha.
I'll read the posted links when I get to work.


Probably because they waited too long... but I'm going to believe that your wife bought ashortfuse13's "Honest 200" 2nd chance bag thus leaving ashortfuse13 in the dark.

See post just made in the "The Search for Crapbeard's Treasure" on the community World of Woot pages:


Oh man, this is just too funny! This whole TREASURE hunt, debacle included, was some serious entertainment! Thanks Woot!


Woot just posted on their facebook page in reply to another unfortunate person who missed their 2nd chance BOC:

"I'm going to be checking on this- apparently some people bought it at the $1,000 price so we'll likely cancel those. I'll update you on this post when we get things back in line."


HIGHlarious. Tell your wife we all weren't sure if anybody was desperate enough to get a true easy chance at a Buccaneer regardless of cost, but she's proved it to us!


I bet you're glad it wasn't a $1,000,000 crap like the April Fool's crap a few years back, eh?


Yeah, things will be fixed and order restored. We just assumed the DO NOT BUY THIS warnings and the high price tag would turn people off. A small handful simply did not let a measly $1000 get in their way of a BOC.


You should tell her that they won't refund your money, then send the measliest box with 3 things and a bag. You will have argument immunity for like a year!


From PayPal...
"Dear Jordan,
Woot, Inc. just sent you a full refund of $1,000.00 USD for your purchase. "

I'm printing the receipt and hanging it in my cube at work - Ha!


Am I the only one who thinks woot should honor the wishes of those who chose to spend $1000 on BOC? Ha!


@sully51: we totally WOULD, they just seem to be asking for refunds.


@sully51: I don't know why they wouldn't want to. I mean, sell a few more BOC's instead of trying to get it to 200 even. Why wouldn't you sell some for $1,000?


Please see: bacon coffin.


@agingdragqueen: Please tell me there's at least once that's not asking for a refund. Because that would be epic. And because I want to see a picture of the box after they open it to see their $1k worth of crap.


@agingdragqueen: You sounded surprised that anyone would click on a $1,000 BOC; I was going to reference the bacon coffin, but @riknik beat me to it.



@thumperchick: Here's the link from the million-dollar BOC. The writeup is great!


@neuropsychosocial: Ha! So true about the pirate coffin. And I feel as though my husband would have been in the same boat as his wife had he happened upon the link. Not knowing what was going on and seeing an opportunity to score a BOC for me, he might have even spent some $$ (not $1000 intentionally, but maybe more than $8) to try and give me a surprise.


!whois neuropsychosocial


Transaction still went through....