questionsdo you buy online if it does not have "free…


Very seldom and if I do it has to be an excellent deal.


Sure, and without any concern at all. I have some mobility difficulties, and I really don't enjoy mall-crawling the way I used to, so I do pretty much all of my shopping on line. Free shipping is always great, but it no free-shipper has the item I want, then paying for shipping isn't a deal-breaker for me.


Sure, but then I consider if the total price is worth it, vs buying it locally and paying sales tax. I'd say it works out about 50/50. I am more likely to impulse buy something if it has free shipping.


I typically look around and find the lowest price with shipping (whether the shipping is free or not) and buy from whoever has that. It all comes down to the bottom line.

Depending on how fast I need it, I may spend a few dollars more to buy it off Amazon because I'm a Prime member, so it's nice to have things in 2 days, or pay $3.99 to have it the next day.


Yes...reasonable shipping is reasonable. I won't allow a company to make up cost through shipping, though. Lately, what really ticks me off and companies who use UPS or FedEx as their contract shippers, whose residential services are overpriced and god awfully slow.

I saw a post recently where someone paid $35 for shipping of 3 leather bags and when they got it the company had mightily crammed the 3 bags into a $12.95 USPS flat rate box. That's total BS, and I probably wouldn't do business with that retailer.


Like others stated, I look at the bottom line. If store A has an item for $10 plus free shipping and store B has the same item for $7 plus $3 shipping I will likely buy from store B if their reputation or shipping is better.


Of course. If the total price is a deal, why not?


Shipping is part of the Equation (Algorithm)...
Also need to compare shipping types...
ie. Amazon Prime is two day shipping as compared with normal 5 to 10 day shipping which can actually be 1 to 2 weeks...

Just had a free shipping item from Ebay arrive in 2 days, that made a good deal an Awesome deal...


This is unanimous...for a good reason.

If I offered you a 1 lb. solid gold bar for free, but charged you $9.99 for shipping, you would be crazy to turn it down. Now, I am going to make it $9.99 per item...You are still crazy to turn it down. Anyone that says they will not buy something unless the shipping is free is a fool that does not take other factors into consideration.

yes, this absurd....but so is deciding not to make a purchase unless it is free shipping.


Free shipping is nearly always an illusion unless it's a digital item like an MP3. The shipping cost is just worked into the item price one way or another. If anything I'd prefer just reasonable shipping, that seems more honest.

On the other hand, I have no tolerance for places that try to charge goofy shipping/handling fees. It does not cost $7 to ship a CD two states away.


Yes. Normally the prices online are lowered enough that I'm still getting a decent deal compared to the brick & mortar stores in my area, even with shipping costs. Now that being said, if I can get free shipping by joining something (month of free Prime etc.) then I think you'd be a fool not to do it.


Rarely. If shipping isn't free, I try and do local pick-up (Lowes, Home Depot, JCP) or keep the shipping to 99 cent like Kohl's has. Otherwise..I do Prime, Target Red Card, coupon codes or make sure the website has items that I want that will meet the free ship threshold (usually $50) or if Ebay has the item so cheap the shipping still makes the product worthwhile to buy.

Free ship is a deal maker. Paying for shipping is a deal breaker generally speaking.


While I prefer free shipping, primarily because most vendors will not refund shipping charges when an item is returned, it is the total cost of an item that determines whether or not I purchase something.

The other reason I prefer free shipping is that in NY State, salestax is charged on shipping (or is supposed to be) so for items that are not taxable (e.g. clothing under $110 per item or pair and most food) free shipping has yet another small benefit.


Just an extra thought: I routinely check before buying online to see if they have any coupon specials for the company. There are often [unadvertised] free-shipping coupon codes available or small percentage-off codes that end up covering the cost of shipping..


Of course. Free shipping is never free it's just included in the price. If shipping isn't free, you just need to consider the total price. And sometimes you need to group your orders so that shipping is spread across several items.


I concur with the very reasonable responses from the black-triangles. Shipping is always part of the equation. To use that only to make a judgment on whether one would get a deal is irrational.


Yep, shipping doesn't stop me if it's something I want. I'll look around for the lowest price including shipping though. Just another reason I love Amazon Prime.


Total cost is what I look at.