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Have no personal experience w/them. Just did a google search on Global Vacation Network - suggest that you do the same. Doesn't look good - though I did not open any of the 'scam, complaints' links. Caveat: Since I did not read any of the links, feel free to disregard this post. ;-)


Wow, they might as well have just put "This is a Scam" on the envelope in big, red letters. Please throw that letter away.


According to the website its one of those presentation type things. You have to attend and sit through the 90 minute presentation, they do their time-share (or whatever type of thing they are doing) spiel and afterwards you receive your free gift. It says to qualify you must have a verifiable income of no less than 40K, and be between the age of 25-70. You MUST bring your partner with you if you live with a spouse or a domestic partner... blah blah blah.

If you read the Terms they are doing business under the legal entity of "Infinity Incentive Group" located at this P.O. Box:

Infinity Incentive Group, P.O. Box 3479, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405

Which is also used for these other companies (which do the exact same thing):


I'd personally stay away. The above websites have a ton of complaints if you Google them.


We attended the presentation last night 7-31-13 and did not become members and got the certificate for the gifts we then went to the site to register the gifts then printed the letter to mail out for the gifts, this is how far we got we will mail the letter and wait for the gift. Its your choice to attend and accept the invite no one is force to attend and buy anything. This is not a time share as well. If you need more questions answered i might be able to do so. They don't verify income you just make/write in 40,000 + and thats it. You do need to follow most of the above mentioned about attending with your spouse and age. They say bring an pic I.D. but i did not have to show it. Once i got there they gave us a paper with a couple of question and we filled out then went right in to the presentation.


We sat throughout the presentation, "sold" them our timeshare, then went home happy. We then started to investigate the destinations we were interested in and they were horrible. We called, got our money back and our timeshare back. It's been a year and we are still waiting on our gifts from Simply Gifts. I speak to Ashley regularly and she is so nice, and makes promises but I never get my Simply Great Gifts!! I'm calling again today. Total SCAM!