questionsare you planning on stocking up on light bulbs?


Don't see the need to. The light from modern bulbs is close enough if you use the right bulb, and the light color (spectra) is the only reason I can think of anyone would want an incandescent 100W bulb over a newer 100W-equivalent CFL or LED bulb.

I already use all CFLs for the most part, although I've had my eye on some LED bulbs. They've really made significant advances in the past year or so with them lasting longer looking better etc.


I don't like the coloring for the CFL and the LED bulbs. So, yes I am going to be squirreling away some incandescent bulbs. Either that or I am going to have to start making my own.


There isn't an incandescent bulb in my entire house, and I'm okay with that.


already have been, i have a ton of lights that i use


I don't have any reason to use something as high as 100 watts. I've got a few CFLs, but I don't want that to be a permanent solution. Better to use a higher amount of power than to use bulbs that introduce more mercury into the landfills (you think most people are going to bother with using the appropriate disposal programs?). LED bulbs might be the way to go; the color's more controllable than in CFL, they don't have mercury, they don't BUZZZZ like some CFL bulbs, and the power use is lower than incandescent. Of course, that's for the future. The one's I've seen were expensive as hell and relatively dim.


No -- tungsten light is cheap, but we can do better.

Not sure if CFLs are the answer, but I like LED lights.
If tungsten lights get hard to find, it will not impact me in the least.
There are alternatives.

BTW -- I am a bit unusual. I expect to lose power for a couple weeks a year.
I have backup generators, but I am also comfortable with kerosene lanterns and LED camping headlamps. We also have 12-15 LED flashlights which we use all the time, either spotlighting coyotes & raccoons, checking the chickens or livestock, etc.


@eviloverlord333: I agree with you. I don't like the coloring made by CFL's and LED's. I also have concerns about the mercury in CFL's. So, it looks like I'm going to need a space for some 100 watt incandescents, this year. Next year, I guess 75 watt bulbs will disappear, followed by 60's and then 40's. By then I hope the replacement bulbs will actually make a "good" replacement for the incandescents.


Forgot about that. I probably won't stock up though. However, I might buy 1 replacement bulbs for each of the lights.


No way, dude. I can't wait until LEDs get a little cheaper so I can replace my CFLs and their sickly light.


We kind of did stockpile already, but that's because we never threw away the old incandescents when we switched to CFLs here. FWIW, we started in the late 90's; the 12 year old CFL in the laundry room still works, BTW.


I haven't used an incandescent bulb in over 15 years. Once the cost of LED bulbs becomes low enough for me to justify it, I'll replace my CFL's.


I'm stocked. I can't stand the fluorescent bulbs I've tried. Slow to warm up, wonky colors and I swear they give me migraines. Am I imaginging they flicker too?


@miquinn: Nice, and they sell them at Lowe's (well, maybe). Do you know anything about CREE?


I haven't bought a light bulb in a couple years. Every light in my house is a CFL. I like the LEDs but waiting for them to get a lil cheaper.


I wish I knew where you all buy the CFLs that actually last. I have been in my house for two years and have replaced at least a dozen of these "wonder" bulbs we bought when we moved in. I wouldn't mind paying more if they actually came through on the "longer lasting" claim.

I'm waiting for LEDs too. Until then I'm replacing the CFLs with incandescents as they die. Guess I need to buy some! Though I don't usually need 100w.


I adopted CFL's pretty early on (around 2005). Since then, I maybe have had one fail. Otherwise, I just have loads of spares. According to the box, I should have replaced most of them by now.

I find the colors on them these days to be a nice warm color (as long as you don't buy the daylight balanced ones), and almost instant on. I have only ever owned 1 or 2 that have made any real noise.

Any modern CFL has an electronic ballast and flickers at around 1000Hz which is undetectable to the human eye. Traditional fluorescent bulbs flicker at 60Hz and drive me nuts.

One thing CFL's aren't great for is closet lights and outdoor. Outdoor cold makes them warm up too slow. Closets aren't on long enough - ages them.

For that matter, the new LED Christmas lights I'm seeing on everyone's homes gives me a headache. They run on standard AC and flicker with AC's 60Hz cycles. All they need is a cheap 10 cent circuit to make them run nice and solid, but that's apparently too much to ask.


Yup, already stocked up a few dozen for a couple lamps. I haven't been pleased with my CFL experiences, for reasons others have previously mentioned. I figure it's like low-flush toilets; many of the early ones were terrible, and it wasn't until well after the federal mandate that manufacturers were consistently producing reliable, affordable models for the mass market. The current generation of low-energy bulbs isn't great, and consumer-friendly marketing is seriously lacking. I'm hoping that will have changed by the time I get to the bottom of my hoarded stash.


@whataworld: Most used to, the cheap ones might still.
But what you do is go to a big box home center and buy a better quality bulb. Pay more- just this once- and try it for a day. Hate it? Take it back & complain, they'll refund your money.
If you haven't bought in awhile, they're better. The delayed starting I read so often on here I get on only 1 bulb in our house. Replaced almost 10 years ago, it was installed when we rebuilt part of our house. That 1 bulb is an oldie, and, yes, it's noisy and takes several seconds to go to full bright. But 10 years? Never got that out of an incandescent.


I fight most CFL's I have come across have been fairly close in color to the old bulbs.

I stocked up on "60" and "100" CFL's when Home Depot had 4 packs for $1. I think I have 80 to 100 of them.


@segafanalways: I did the same thing. Mostly by accident, tho.
I'm a sucker fo a good sale- for something I actually use and need.
4packs for a $1! I'll buy a couple when I get more charcoal. A few more when I bought some ceder wood. Some more when the paint was on sale. Almost bought some more this time, but the wife reminded me that the one hall closet shelf is full. Everytime a kid moves they get a couple boxes- gotta move the inventory!
And I don't know why some last and some don't. I have one that has always been on for over two years- it's still on. And a hallway light that gets cycled a dozen times a day, and it's also over two years old. I have a porchlight that's only (and always) on during the night- one bulb lasted two years, the next just two months; hopefully this next one does better. It sucks to get to it, so hopefully this one is good. But I got spares ...