questionsany ideas for expired diet soda?


Mentos...of course. See youtube videos of mentos and diet soda.


If it's a cola, the mentos would be cool. Or you could clean your battery posts with it. If it's some other type, I'm not sure...can you bake stuff with it?


My sweet @wootbot brushes his teeth with diet soda.

Do you perhaps live near the Seattle Woot or Amazon offices? He can sneak a coupon your way when the human employees aren't looking.


I"m presuming it is sweetened with aspertame (nutrasweet) as the other mainstream artificial sweeteners are much more stable and generally taste no worse over time. Aspertame breaks down fairly easily with elevated temperatures and even at room temperature beings to break down within a few months.

Unfortunately, I cannot think of much you can do with it. (I guess you could bring it all to a boil in a large pot and use it to rinse out your kitchen sink drain... but then boiling (plain) water will do about the same. And the Mentos tricks can be fun if the stuff isn't too flat.)


Ok, time to sound like a hick...
We like to take old expired soda cans, shake the heck out of them and toss em out in the yard to shoot with a small bore rifle (.22) or an air rifle.
The resulting soda explosion is always hilarious, just watch your hands on clean up many sharp edges.
Comically as I post this I notice:


If it's a cola, put two cans of it along with your favorite barbeque sauce in a slow cooker with some yard bird parts of your choice...........and have BBQ yard bird!


Got any enemies? Dump it on their car on a sunny day :-)


If it's just that the apartame has lost it's sweetness, which is the usual case with old diet sodas, you can add a packet or two of Equal and it tastes just fine. Be careful, though, plain soda reacts violently a few seconds after you add it. Don't put it into a can (except as a practical joke) and if you put it in a screw top bottle replace the cap immediately for a few minutes till it calms down. I usually fill a glass with ice, add the Equal, then pour in the soda so it mixes as it goes.


@girlwootbot: Does he have any teeth left???!!!!
Seriously, that's not a good idea. The acidic content will erode the enamel (it's bad enough when we only bathe our teeth with it while drinking---always follow with water----but to actually SCRUB it onto the enamel? I truly hope you're joking.)

Consider this: put some into a bowl and put in a nail, screw, bolt, etc. See how many days it lasts before it has dissolved.

This is why a really GOOD way to make use of old/yucky cola-type beverages is to use them for scrubbing the inside of your toilet. Seriously. Maybe your beloved @wootbot is a potty-mouth? LOL


@reginafilangee: Indeed, but I can't see how it can damage @wootbot any more than he is damaged already ...

- garbled emails? Check.
- sporadic schedules on shirt.woot? Check.
- questionable deals? Check.

Only thing to remember that old diet soda is NOT a substitute for booze to a bot.


@107bear: I forgot to reply to you earlier, but you did make me remember something else. Diet coke (either fresh or "bad") is actually good to cook pot roast in. I pour it all into a slow cooker. Using both helps to tenderize the meat to the point of melting in your mouth, plus adds a nice "twang" to the flavor.


@morriea: Or even better...expired Mentos!


@baqui63: I agree, my favorite diet soda(mt. dew) uses aspertame and it tastes awful about a month after the expiration date.
Since you seem very knowledgeable about such things, does refrigerating unopened cans prolong the expiration date? Not that I want to fill up my refrigerator with soda but just wondering? I generally keep spare pop in a 65 degree basement but mainly because it's handy.



Thanks, it's just that I have a good memory and am extremely curious about most things so I read a lot, thus filling my memory with (mostly useless) trivia.

Aspertame will break down more slowly at lower temperatures, so storing drinks sweetened with it at lower temperatures will "prolong their sweetness." I'd suggest using a can or two in the fridge to see how much longer you can make the stuff stay sweet without wasting all the space in your fridge for not much more time.


add a packet of sweetener to it to re-sweeten and make it taste right. Yes, I've done it.


A half full 2 liter bottle of soda will catch wasps.
Just place the open bottle under the nest.