questionsboss is out for the day. now what?


send me random stuff from the warehouse


Monkey war!

Also, I had a snack. Did you know there's actually Coke Zero stocked in the machines for once? I was baffled.


You could work on getting @inkycatz new cast iron desk into the that's gonna be heavy. I would recommend breaking down those woot cast iron skillets from a couple months back and then just covering the top of the desk in them.

...or you could always make more cakes!

...or you could send me a BOC.

...or you could make forts.

...or you could invent new office warfare devices!

...or you could just sit at a computer the rest of the time and hang out with us. :)


give everyone that answers your question here a box of crap


OH! OH! Do something to his cube! Fill it with hummus or bats, I hear he hates bats.


@inkycatz: i had a cookie! HAHAHA WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE!


@barkwoot: it's funny, b/c i totally did get sleepy. and i was like, "maybe the revolt can wait until next time he's out."

blame the sugar crash.


@narfcake: Followed by two mods being out because of endless therapy after trying to lift said desk...
@pemberducky: Yeah I'm not used to the sudden influx of Fritos and desk chocolate from @agingdragqueen, so let's shenanigan next time!


@narcake RULES!

But my suggestion is a bit more complicated.
Snag one of todays zmodo 4-camera surveillance systems. Hook it up and hide the cameras. Maybe you can let them peer down through a couple different ceiling tiles, another aimed through a hole you cut in the side of your now-trashed and worthless desk. One camera should cover the whole work area and one should cover the snack machines.

Then set up an anonymous proxy on an old Woot server. Let all the "Q" access users tap the feed from a link at! Then just wait for the fun as we capture all the hi-jinks!


@inkycatz: except for the part where i fart & startle myself awake.

poor widdle guy. DON'T FIGHT IT, BUDDY. JUST PTFO.


Still watching, jerkfaces! Tattoo is almost done.

Legs hurt.


honeycomb his cube. Staple a bunch of cups together filling up the floor of his cube. Then fill each cup with some water. Take pictures, then post here.


@gatzby: Comment made my night, thank you.

Getting a tattoo eh?...well, what is it?


I have always wanted to try this...


@studerc: Toy robot rampage! Wraaaa! Stomp!

I'll try to get a picture up later. I didn't take one with my phone today.

@dw1771: I'm not allowed to have staplers after the last incident. =(


Cover the security cameras and rearrange his office, then blame it on the janitorial crew(or Mortimer and Monte).


Do what I do to my poor co-worker, leave random amounts of stuff (themed) in his office/cubicle. I've done toy soldiers, aliens, toy animal figures, duckies, stuffed animals, Halloween themed. It's a blast as he finds the stuff. One time, he found the screeching rat in a trap as I was on the phone with him, he almost had a heart attack! So fun!


@inkycatz: You should get They just showed up at our office in the last couple of weeks. They rock!


@tpscan: I think this guy's onto something.


Hay @pemberducky look at all the great ideas we have for next time!


I took a crappy cell phone snap for you folks. Yesterday was just touch-ups, and some smoke, and maybe a little more car... But yeah, it's "done."