questionsdave brubeck took his last "five"


Love Burkeck's work.
Sad part is, many know and heard his music, but didn't know who he was.


Sad day, I'll have to take a "Time Out" and listen to some of his albums. Take Five is one of my all time favorite songs in my favorite time signature.


Please phrase this in the form of a question...Did you know that Dave Brubeck took his last "five" today?


Definitely one of my favorite musicians, especially when he played with Paul Desmond. Take Five is great, but Blue Rondo a la Turk is one of my favorites.


@luvche21: Yeah, Blue Rondo a la Turk has been the song stuck in my head since I heard the news.


@michaelkriss: Not a good song to have stuck in your head when you're trying to sleep (according to me).
There's just something amazing about that whole Time Out album - even with the "crazy" time signatures, it was so musical, so catchy, and so amazing!


A Brubeck double album was the first jazz cd I bought.


Blue Rondo A La Turk (so good & I never listen to jazz anymore):


An aside: For those of you who did not like Mr. Brubeck. And those who don't like notifications of deaths...

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