questionsdo all the knockoff reality shows piss you off?


Reality shows suck, and are anything but real.

We can blame the writers union for all this. When they went on strike in 2008 we all got shafted.

Fewer people now needed to create a show so someone is making more money.


Do the knock-off reality shows irritate me? Hell, all the reality shows irritate me. First, they aren't reality. They have scripts, directors and are all edited. They know that the people that watch them are tools, and market to them. I'd rather sit on my computer and answer questions on Woot! than watch any of that crap.


Reality shows suck.

Knockoff or not.


They shows don't really bother me. I don't watch them and, since I don't have cable, I only have the opportunity to see them when I'm at the gym (and even there we only get a limited number of channels). I don't have any interest even in the "original" reality shows.


I just don't watch the knockoff ones I don't like.

I actually like Chopped on it's own merit, but I can't stand a few of the judges.


Don't knock Chopped. It's educational. Thanks to that show, I can now make a tasty appetizer out of beef tongue, lemongrass, hummus and chocolate Easter bunnies.


i think all reality shows are knockoffs of real life. but yes, i watch them


You asked "Does Hollywood think we are idiots" Yes, they do...and they are right. "Are we mindless drones?" YES, WE ARE "Do they blindly follow ratings, making carbon copies of whatever rates best?" YES THEY DO, AND IT WORKS "Is the world out of original ideas?" NO, BUT WHY BOTHER WHEN THE SAME OLD FORMAT KEEPS MAKING MONEY

Look, most people are so pathetic that they actually CARE what Kim Kardascian had for lunch today. They can tell you the names of all the real housewives of wherever, but could not tell you the names of all of their children's teachers. We have become a nation of brain dead morons.
Think about it...if these shows didn't make money, they would cease to exist. I gave up on TV years ago.


@mtm2: No, you can blame producers who realized that it's far cheaper to put on a "reality show" (which, by the way, hire writers) than a "scripted" show.

At the end of the day, television is a business. If a show isn't making money, it doesn't really matter if it's a sentimental favorite or a brilliant piece of art.

Knockoff or not, these shows are cheap to produce and have shown time and time again to be moneymakers. So while I'd rather see something of higher quality on television, and while I'd rather see people not wasting their time on such dribble, I understand why it exists and try not to let it get to me. It's business, not personal.

As for the writers' strike, the reality show explosion happened far before that ever happened.


@mtm2: Right, because reality TV was unheard of in 2007


We watch Storage Wars and Pawn Stars on demand when there's nothing else new on. I don't like the spinoffs, or just plain ripoffs of either show because they always seem to be trying too hard.

Most cooking shows are worth half-watching while browsing the internet, except we can't really stand the Sweet Genius guy. You either get inspiration, or augment your list of "things I'm never putting in my mouth."


Its gettijg hsrd to know which shows are the original and which are spinoffs. some are different enough to warrant a separate show though

for example pawn stars/ hardcore pawn
one is semi educational and more artifact based
while the other is people getti g pissed off that they wont get 500 bucks for their fake jewlery or old electronics that coost less than 500 when they wrre new

also i get the feeling a lot of he stuff on hardcore is stolen. guy comes in with a ps3. in a backpack. no cords or anything just the console itself. and he says i want 200 for this. its brand new.

i LOLed

and he people who just scream and fly off the handle at any lkttle thing. but i have a feeling peolle are going in there noe just to be in tv. dont they have to sign a release. i have a feeling those peopele who are genuinely pissed off wiuld not be willing to do that.

sory for typos
tablet typing


I like Survivor, but the others are never-ending train wrecks. I am sick to death of them. Believe it or not, everything does not have to be a television show. When I first heard the ad for "Hillbilly Handfishing" I thought it was a joke. The only joke is that people actually watch it. The only good thing about them is I'm watching far less tv.