questionsdid anyone shop for christmas at local stores, or…


I made a personal pledge to be part of the 3/50 project. Each month you pick 3 brick and mortar/mom&pop retailers/services and spend at least $50 at their businesses. I can budget in $150 locally, I just have to give those dollars a specific direction. I have gotten to know my local community and business owners better by doing this regularly.


Most of my shopping was done online. Prices are simply much better and shipping is free around the holidays.

It's not that I don't like local small businesses, it's just that I like saving money (hence my deals.woot presence) and I tend to buy music/movies/games for my friends and family. I managed to find a really great St. Louis Cardinals poster/plaque for my brother, but that was about the only noteworthy local shopping I did.


My big Christmas gifts for my best friend were Scottish themed, and all purchased from Scotland. The other 40 or so gifts I bought were about 50/50 from local national chains (KMart and Walgreens BF sales mostly) and from local artists at the Downtown Art Market where I have a booth of my own. All my guy friends got a fleece throw from KMart and a bar of "manly scented" handmade soap from the artist's booth next to me. My chick friends got scarves and mittens from KMart or locally made jewelry and "girly scented" soaps and lotions. The charitable gifts I gave were toys from Walgreens for needy kids and sherpa blankets from KMart for needy seniors.


I do a mix of both online and local. Very few big box stores. We have some great shops near where I work and near where I live, so it worked out beautifully. I know not everyone has a Harry Potter themed store a block from work, though. :)


I am klozitshoper - I absolutely love to go shopping - I shopped here, there and everywhere. I do go to the BigBox stores occasionally but they are what they are and not awfully enjoyable and innovative.


Mixture of both including a local Kristkindle market downtown. seems like some of the 'local' stores aren't really local anymore but more like radio stations where they seem local but are all owned by Clear Channel.


I did all of my shopping online this year. It's just easier.