questionsany facebook experts on here?


My best guess:

If its a link in your profile (about me section), Facebook tracks every click. So while it appears like a normal hyperlink, big bro is routing it through them. They want to know who clicked on it, so that's why they require login.


I refuse to have a FB account, and I too have discovered an enormous number of business sites that won't let me in unless I create a FB page. I've begun a personal boycott of sites that offer free deals available only to FB users.

Whatever the problem is, either you're not alone in it or FB is trying to force everyone into having their own page. If it's the latter (and I suspect ultimately it will be so), a lot of merchants are going to be losing a lot of potential customers.


The comments you've seen already are correct. If you have a link on your site for facebook, and someone clicks on that link, if they aren't already logged in to facebook, it'll insist that they log in to get to that link. Facebook's evil anyway.

I used to click "Like" when one of the sites I'm a fan of made an interesting post. I used to comment. Unfortunately, every single thing that you do for those sites (and yours too, I'm sure) is then indexed and public via google within seconds. I actually went to the bother of removing all those "likes" and my comments.

As my mother used to say:

Fool's names and fool's faces
Are often seen in public places.

I'm fool enough already. I don't need any help from Google.


I have visited other sites with a Facebook link that allow users through that don't have an account, not sure why but I'm thinking there's a setting somewhere that I'm missing.


@shrdlu: "I'm fool enough already. I don't need any help from Google."

AMEN, sister. ;)


I don't spend any money on advertising so I'll take all the help from Google I can get :-)


I was at a training a couple of months ago which outlined several modern technologies that are being used against us. The trainer was going through all the various technologies and made a point to hammer FB. I know some people cannot live without it and see no harm in FB having all of your information.

I had mistakenly thought I could create a ficticious FB account with no friends or family or other junk on the site that would identify me. I know better now.

I appreciated the column where a journalist made the FB guy a member of NAMBLA, but unfortunately someone in FB deleted it.


@ohcheri: I agree that there's probably something we're all missing, and I hope you find it!

Hmm. Now that was a straight line, if ever I heard one, just begging for someone's witty response.


@ecriscit: @magic cave: I set up a person with FB. He was entering his kids. That had FB. The ones that posted 'personal information' the fields had populated so he did not have to do it. The children that did not submit this personal information he was only too happy to, so no FB has that.
I also have a fake FB to sign up but as with you family members found me. I am not sure how I used my spam email address...


@caffeine_dude: I opened a FB page several months ago so I could follow my son's progress in an Iron Man event (his wife was updating the page several times an hour). I was horrified to discover if I searched for a friend I was immediately asked if I wanted to add his friends to my "friends" list. Geez! Why the hell would I want to add a bunch of strangers to some list on my page? And then have all those folks plus anyone I listed as a friend show up as available for adding to some other stranger who found my page?!

I deleted the entire thing immediately. I'm really not interested in having the entire online world have access to anything about me that I didn't put out there myself, knowing it could spread.


@magic cave: actually, I'm pretty sure it didn't ask you to make all his friends your friends. Even if it had, they would all have to approve the friend request first. It could also have been recommending friends based on mutual friends...
ie: you have 3 friends, A, B, and C.

A B & C all have a mutual friend X, so facebook asks if perhaps you know X as well. It's actually a great tool for contacting people you may have met casually and never got their contact info... much easier than calling people and asking them to give you X's contact info.



As for kids & facebook, their terms pretty clearly say kids under 13 shouldn't have an account, but idiot parents let their kids do it anyway, and put fake birthdates in so that they can have an account. I was kinda shocked when the reporters asked Michelle Obama if their kids were on facebook... ummmm, no, the president's handlers wouldn't be stupid enough to let his family violate facebook's terms of use!!! The whole cache of facebook was that it DIDN'T have a bunch of kids... that's what killed myspace


I'm not 100% sure, but here are a couple thoughts on this:

This may also be changed in the "Security" section of the facebook page. You should have an option somewhere that allows "all" access to your page instead of only facebook members.

You can do something similar to this for your personal profile. The thought behind it is to prevent someone w/o a facebook account to access your information easily. Now, at least, they have to log in and be tracked via a username.

If there's a place, check under accounts and "Privacy Settings".

On a side note, Use this link:


(Missed the 5 minute edit time.) It looks like you're already using the link I gave. Shows up just fine w/o requiring you to log in on at least IE and FireFox.