questionsreally woot, why do you toy with my emotions likeā€¦


First, awesome tags. Second, Happy early birthday! Third, I'm sorry you won't receive it before your birthday, but you can experience the joy of ordering it before your birthday. :) And then it'll be like a late surprise present!


Maybe they figure 3-4 year old people won't notice? Still though, that does kind of suck.

On the other hand, Happy Birthday! (soon). Are you going to be 5 or 6?

I didn't mean to copy killer. >_< I was too slow typing, bleh.


@geredeth: I'm getting old. I will be 8@32 on Wednesday.


If I hadn't used my coupon, I might have had to buy this. And happy pre-birthday.


This is Woot ... since when did they make sense?

So think of it as your early present for your 9th birthday in 2016 instead.


@narfcake: Haha, cruel sentiments...
@ruger9mm: Happy early 8th birthday!


Happy early Birthday! You would think with all the upvotes on the question that they would have said something by now. I hope they make an exception for ya!


They have this at the bottom of the write up

"These items will begin shipping on 3/7. If you want to get them in time for Pi Day, you need to spring for expedited shipping."


@jmattoon: Pi day is 3/14, Leap Day is 2/29 its not shipping until 7 days after the day the shirt would be most relevant. Unless, I wanted to keep it until 2016 like @narfcake was kind enough to suggest.


Oh, and thanks for the birthday sentiments everyone. You all are great!


@ruger9mm: I'm a bit confused. If you get the expedited shipping, it will be shipped overnight and you will get it Tuesday. Right?

The 3/7 date shipping refers to the date for regular shipping. Doesn't it?

Edit: Oh, maybe not. I just saw @jmattoon's post.


Just guessing here, but it's probably because Woot doesn't have the blanks on hand, since they don't regularly offer long sleeve tees. Once they get all the orders in this week, they'll then order the blanks and print them up. (This is all my hypothetical guessing though)


@ruger9mm: Yeah happy bday. Any chance that you received a gift from woot?

Or maybe this was a cleverly devised ruse. A trick to get Woot! to send you 1 free shirt every four years.

You brilliant bastard.