questionssuggestions on netbook for school?


My impression is that netbooks are generally of similar quality. They're never really powerful, but they're not supposed to be. My dad got an Acer for his job (don't know the model off-hand) and he was generally happy with it.

I've heard and seen good things with HP netbooks, if that helps. But I feel that generally, you're going to get a very similar product with near any make or model.

If you see one that looks good to you that hasn't had an overwhelming number of bad reviews, I would say to go for it.


Try this $268.00

Has Office starter which will do the trick for you.

Asus Black 10" Eee PC 1011CX-RBK301 Netbook PC with Intel Atom N2600 Processor and Windows 7 Starter


The moofi today was going to be my next notbook purchase until I decided to go with the Asus Transformer prime w/keyboard dock.

I'd recommend it. Throw in an SSD and you've got a rock solid machine.


@atomicorange: I do not think the Prime plus dock is going to be under $350.00 or have MS Office.....Really does not fit the needs of this poster at all.


Second Asus EEE netbooks. I would suggest not getting one with an OS, but rather use Ubuntu Netbook Remix or Linux Mint (both free to download). Both are very user-friendly, work with even low-spec netbooks and are very stable.

Plus you don't have to pay extra for win7.

EDIT: Just found out Ubuntu Netbook Remix has been rolled into the main Ubuntu package. Just use Linux Mint.


@atomicorange: I was simply saying that it's a solid choice, but I went elsewhere. I had different requirements. I was not saying s/he should got with the TP...


+1 for Ubuntu netbook remix and open office or one of the other opensource freeware office suites out there.


Since I am dealing with a 10 YO (which I didn't mention for fear of looking like "that mom") I am sticking with off the shelf software despite my respect for opensource freeware.


@ecommerceerika: Having your own computer at that age is awesome.

As for using it at school, be sure to check with the school to make sure she can bring it to school. Some schools do not allow laptops and will confiscate them.

Otherwise, an Eee PC would be nice and I would recommend after owning one.


@morriea: There are a lot of office type programs for Android that have all of the same features. I use my Novo 7 Elf with a keyboard case and a mouse and it does way better than any netbook could ever dream of. And I paid 200 total for everything. Plus, I can update my OS all I want. Running ICS 4.0.3 and posting this comment.


@sadsephiroth: I know...I use Android and have several on there. In fact I just posted a deal.woot for the sale on Documents to go. I was commenting on what the poster asked for. Specifically MS Office.

I do disagree that it can do "way better than any netbook could ever dream of"...there are still things that can be done in Windows that are not done in Android. A good example is that I make CM7 cards for the Nook Color to run cannot burn the .img file in Android that i know of....correct me if I am mistaken.


@morriea: Don't think a 10 year old would be doing that. And a 10yo with documents to go and open office they can do whatever school would require. It does for my senior in high school.