questionscan the ability to send and receive privateā€¦


I still don't know how to check messages


@woothulhu: It's easy when you know how.

1. Go to

2. Look for a green navigation bar at the top: Woots - World of Woot - Contests - Woot Side Deals - Everything But Woot...

3. At the right edge of that bar, you'll see an envelope icon. Click on it. Et voilà!


@woothulhu: On any of the other sites, click on Community. There will be a little envelope icon that you can click on. If there's a number beside it, you have a/some message(s). Sometimes the # is a little screwy though.

ETA: I see heymo beat me by a few seconds.


@heymo,@msklzannie: Thanks! Learn something new every day!