questionshas anyone used the "automatically expandable…


I personally witnessed my neighbor, who had one.

It sprung a leak on its first use.

On its second use, it flat out tore apart.


ETA: ... 1 star reviews dominate this type of hose.


We just got a Pocket Hose at my house. It works as they show it in the commercial and it's very light. Haven't had it long enough though to say if its durable or not.


Nope. I always wanted to try one. I wonder if you'll face the woot banhammer for also advertising your deal as a question!


They should put a sticker "For novelty use only" on the package of these. It worked for a few weeks but it eventually started getting stress fractures in it, then it just busted. I used it as a tie down for when I took it and a bunch of crap to the dump and it met my expectations for that purpose.


One of my friends had one and it broke the first weekend.


We got two Pocket Hoses for my elderly mother-in-law. They are so much lighter and easier for her to use for her flowers. She's only had them a couple weeks so I can't attest to durability but they are very handy. I used them and it was fine. Definitely not for anything that you need high pressure but works great for watering flowers.


Don't have one or know anybody that has one but they did a report on them on one of those product test/review segments on the local news and they gave it really bad rating.


My husband knew I was interested in them, but had the same question you did. When he saw a boat washer he knew that was using one he asked them about it. Turns out it was fresh out of the package. Failed during the conversation. She got a replacement right away, and it failed within minutes too. When he ran into her a week later she said she tried a total of 5, all failing within a day. Boo!


I posted a similar deal a few weeks ago and got pretty good upvotes, but lots of the same negative comments you're seeing here. Too bad. This would be a great idea if they can come up with a durable version.


I live in Las Vegas and I use the "Pocket Hose" brand hoses (2x25ft & 1x50ft). I think I bought them at walmart.

I leave them in the sun, I use them in the pool for the cleaner robot, I generally abuse the hoses like I would any other hose and I have not had one fail.

I actually really like them for the pool robot.. they get tangled less.


If you're going to buy one, make sure you purchase the one with the brass fittings. They seem less likely to fail.


I know someone who got 2 for the price of 1. He was on a ladder cleaning the side of his house when the water got backed up and the hose straight up exploded. Like BOOOOOOOM.

This happened twice.