questionscan you please explain the concept of tagging to…


I've read all the discussions but many times the tags I see don't seem to be any help to shoppers.

Just saying...


@ohcheri: I found this question by searching the Meta tag. : /

I gave up on tags long ago, I used to think 'just once I would like my tags not to be changed', I would go as far as search past deals and use duplicate tags for similar items. Now that I gave up and have fun with it I think 'hey, I provide someone a job of title of "The Tag Editor" ', and now I under @shrdlu: law to post my tags in the first comment for posterity.

Obviously no disrespect for @jumbowoot: intended. Wow How did I miss all the tag discussions good list @jumbowoot!


@caffeine_dude: I know, I know...they make the rules/change the rules/bend the rules, etc. Just feeling a tad cranky today I guess :-)


@ohcheri: I have nothing useful to add, other than the redundancy of tagging a question about tags with #tag. :)

And I love creative tags. Even if they have a limited lifespan.


My guess is tags are really for SEO purposes. Not for you.

There is really a lot that goes into making a website search engine spider friendly, which can sometimes trump user-friendly. I think that tags, are one of those things. I'm sure they (sometimes, maybe) try to have it both be SEO friendly and user-friendly, but SEO will always win if there is an arm-wresting match.


@kmeltzer: That certainly makes more sense than some of the other mean reasons I've heard before.


At least it didn't get the #sexy kiss of death. :)


@rlapid2112: A perfect example of the inconsistency of tagging. It depends on who is moderating and whether they like you or not.

Good to see you're addicted to a harmless and relatively inexpensive product ;-)