questionshappy pi day everyone


And the same to you! I will wear my woot pi shirt today, and maybe have some chocolate cream pie.


Check all your local pizza parlors, bakeries and places that serve pie for deals today. Last year I went to three different places that had Pi Day deals.

Happy hunting.


Ice cream pie at chez cinq.

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I'm taking a pie to my daughter. When she was in school math class was special on Pi Day because they always got some of her favorite dessert as part of a practical math lesson. (I thought they were stretching it a bit in Algebra 2, but it never hurts to nurture a love of math!) This year Pi Day falls during spring break, so I guess there will be a lot of disappointed pie lovers.


I brought pie in to work and wished my coworkers a Happy Pi Day. Any leftovers will go home with me and be fed to my nephews (staying with my sister and her family while in town on a business trip) while I extoll the wonder that is Pi and they look at me funny.


Wearing this shirt (under my dress shirt of course) in honor of pi day today!
Don't worry, I'll be rocking it later in the day too (after work).


Don't forget to celebrate when the clock rolls to the next four digits...
On three-fourteen at fifteen:twenty-nine hours (local time).
(Please forgive the verbose numbers: the keypad isn't recognizing proper numbers right now)


I'm excited for Pi Day in 2015. 3.14.15!

At 9:26 AM and 53 seconds, the world will probably end or something. But that's about as far as we can take Pi Day anyway.


I'm more excited for Steak and Something Else day...


Its also Einsteins birthday, and Mine!


Some say pie are squared, but I prefer when they're rounded.


@mtw1057: Pi r^2. no pie are round, cornbread are square.


I celebrate pi day every year as it is also my birthday.

Happy birthday, @dogbountyhunter1


I'm wearing this shirt:
and I had a piece of peach pie for breakfast.