questionswhat is the best fondue pot?


Consider if you'd rather use a plug-in electric or the ones requiring little sterno burners. You can get a cheap fondue pot, but if you have to buy or keep on-hand sternos, then wheres your overall cost. I personally like electric because I can't stand the smell of sterno fumes, Cuisinart CFO-3SS. Another option is ultra cheap using candles, but you get one concentrated hot spot in the container, burning the cheese/chocolate.


I used to run a fondue restaurant, so I have some opinions on this! :)

OK, are you talking more cheese fondue or traditional cooking fondue?

If you are talking just cheese fondue and unless you are specifically going for 'show', just use a double boiler. You'll get better results and save a ton of money.

If you are doing a more serious dinner type cooking fondue, use a dutch-oven type pan. Especially if you have one in cast iron. Again, better results and you save money.

If you are wanting to have something with presentation value, then yes go with an electric pot. Just make sure you get one with lots of different types of forks (Usually different colors) so that everyone knows which fork is theirs.


@bingo969 thanks, I think ill try the double boiler first, I have actually never had fondue but I love melted cheese and thought I would love it hehe. Do you have a particular brand you would recommend if I do decide to go with an electric pot?

Also do you have any tips or recipes?


Ask and you shall receive. 6/23 woot deal is an electric fondue pot.