questionshow have your graduations been?


For almost thirteen years I was a volunteer with the youth group at my church, primarily with the high school kids and I went to (and as "my kids" continue to graduate continue to go to) a lot of graduations. There was one that sticks out in my mind. Relatively small private Christian school, about 30 in the graduating class. Took them almost three hours to graduate. Every kid got a little slide show, got to give a little speach/thank people, had all their achievements (some of them from like kindergarten on) read. And that was in addition to a couple of faculty speaches. I knew one kid. It was a grueling experience. Ever since then I've measured all formal ceremonies by that graduation.

Graduations this year haven't been nearly that bad. All right around an hour, mercifully short slideshows, reasonable speakers and good refreshments afterwards.


Graduation for my high school five years ago was pretty much 100% improv.

Graduation practice a week before was basically sitting in the bleachers of the basketball courts listening to how the graduation will go by the principal. There was no walking, there was no practice, there was no idea what to do.

On graduation day itself I didn't even know where the entrance for the grads to go which was on the opposite side of the football field from the outside. So pretty much it was a long walk.

Pretty much, everyone was lost. It was chaotic. But it all ended well and worked out fine as if we rehearsed it for hours.

One thing though was that those beach balls and other inflatables were popped by the councilors even though everyone was having fun tossing it around like a beach party with 600+ students.

And the one I hated the most were the "air horns" the crowd sneaked in... oh my.


I went to one this year, and it went well--the speaker did a great job, and it went as smoothly as possible for a 1200+ member graduating class (university). I have to say I'm ok with holding applause--my high school did that too, and even with only 150 or so graduating students, it was a relief. How tired would your hands get?? We always took it to mean "You don't have to clap for all the people you don't know, but feel free to shout and yell for YOUR student!"

Looking forward to my own grad school commencement next spring!! :)


Haven't been to a graduation in nearly 15 years. Kinda like it that way :)


Graduations have been great considering for the first time in about 9 years I have not had to work over a dozen of them. Those things get real boring quick and the people always seemed to get meaner and nastier. So glad my schedule did not pan out this year.


I went to one college graduation this year. Every year the main commencement is on the quad and is relatively short, before the grads move to their separate colleges for diploma ceremonies. This year was a hoot. As soon as the last grad marched into the quad--I mean to the minute!--the heavens opened and it started pouring. We were right behind the last grad marching in, so DH took pics of the sea of umbrellas that opened up. The commencement ceremony was probably the shortest ever!