questionsis your woot wolfgang puck mini rice cooker thing…


I got three (one of each color). So far, I've only tried one (the Black one).

I used it to make steel cut oatmeal and it did an ok job, though it boiled over when making two servings (ie. 16oz water with 1/2c oats). I ended up adding water and running it again to get the consistency I wanted.

I have yet to use it on rice but I expect it to work acceptably.


What did the instructions say about the "set it and forget it" part?


Page 10, Paragraph 7, Sentence 1:

"The VersaCooker will automatically switch to "Warm" when the cooking process has completed."


I followed the instructions on page 10, and I even tried again today using a different outlet, and from watching the cooker, it switches to Warm after just 5 minutes!

I also didn't like how I just called Wolfgang Puck customer service and it says "call back during normal business hours" and then hangs up automatically without even mentioning when those hours are! I would be ashamed to have a product and customer service like this to have my name connected to it...


I finally got in touch with the manufacturer, and they told me to go to the retailer (woot) first. So I sent a message to woot. Hopefully some good will come of this. I'm concerned though that the cost of return shipping would cancel out any refund...


I contacted woot and I just got a refund through Paypal! No physical return necessary, and no hassle!

Thank you Woot for the prompt customer service, I appreciate it!

I'll most likely never buy a Wolfgang Puck appliance again though.


@hwoot1: woot! customer service is the best...hands down.