questionswhen did the furby come back?


Toys have cycles, especially from companies like Mattel, Fisher-Price and Hasbro. When the people who originally played with them have kids, they bring back toys so that these new parents can pass them on to their children.

Long-term marketing at its finest.


Sometime around August... they came out of nowhere. Seriously. Not even a rumor came out of this.

Indeed it is more expensive, but I guess it's for the nostalgia for us 90's kids and older.

To be honest, these things scare me still.


'When did they come back' is not what I'm wondering, but WHY did they come back?

I never had one, so maybe I missed out on something, but I didn't ever think they were all that great.


@luvche21: nope you did not miss out the first time in my opinion. I was thinking the same thing when I saw that they came back out...WHY?


My kid wants one. It does more than the old ones did apparently.
The eyes are LCD or something and it is supposed to learn words and develop a personality as you interact with it more and more.
There is also an app for it.

Grandma is sending one for both kids. Hopefully it will be less annoying than the Tamagotchi I got stuck having to take care of while daughter was in school.


Fun Fact: Dave Hampton (the inventor of the Furby) lives in my neighborhood (of like 20 houses)
however it is like a 10th home so he isn't there very often. :c


I for one welcome our new Furby overlords


I also got blindsided by their return. I bought some for my kids 8-10 years ago(?) and they weren't worth the money then; maybe they have improved.....