questionsdo you prefer handmade or purchased gifts?


For gift-giving, I only give purchased gifts, because anything I'd make would only be worthy of being in a bag of crap.


Like anything else in life, it depends. I've given cookies and sweetbreads (gingerbread, carrot cake), and preserves and conserves to people I thought would like them. I can crochet and knit, but have never thought to give a handmade gift (and am not planning on it now). I looked at the interesting cheese dish, but I think there are not many people who already have a kiln handy.

I'd think that it would depend on whether the recipient appreciated such a thing. It may be useful and appreciated, or just another thing that adds to the clutter (but I'm sure you're giving it to someone who fits the former description). Except for food, it's really hard to say.

I don't really need gifts, myself, and prefer to be remembered in simpler ways (a card is plenty).

It's an interesting question, though.


@angelsgirl2002: Funny you. This is why I listed a couple of possibilities in my parenthetical phrase. I would think that kidneys might not be appreciated in the same way as fragrant gingerbread.


@shrdlu: Sorry, couldn't resist. I love making bread and cookies for people during the holidays, though :). So much more love in them than just buying something. But I do agree, it is a case-by-case thing, and regardless, whether bought or made, I always put alot of thought into it.


I feel that home made gifts, especially ones that someone puts a lot of time into, shows how much they care about the person they give them too. Now, does that mean you can't buy me something really cool too? Hell, no! But like the old saying goes, "It's the thought that counts."


yeah, i also prefer handmade gifts, my GF always surpried when receive the gift i made by's more meaningful,do you think so? like making a card ,with our photos,and signature with my handwriting,or making a sweet cake on her festival


I feel all black hearted when I say I generally dislike hand made gifts. While I appreciate the thought a lot, most times, I really really don't need additional knick knacks cluttering up my space. I'm a very minimalist desk type of person, and I clutter = badness. Handmade gifts engender guilt for throwing away and therefore, clutter.

On the other hand, if you give me something I can eat or use up, I'm all for it. :D


I've made different handmade gifts when I thought they were things ppl genuinely wanted and appreciated, everything from elaborate needlework projects (commemorating graduations, births, anniversaries, weddings) to soup-in-a-jar. But I'm pretty selective about what, when and for whom.

I'm pretty choosy myself about what I'd like to keep or wear that's been homemade for me. Food is always good--if you don't like it, you can always get rid of it. It's not supposed to be hanging on your wall til doomsday.

Ppl give gifts all the time that you don't care for, but it's so much harder to justify chucking something you don't like when you know someone's spent so much time making it.


Depends on the recipient.

My older sister likes craft fairs and professionally handmade items, so when I'm stuck for a present for her (which is usually), I go to one of the local places where they sell crafts made by professional artisans.

When my grandmother was alive, the last ten or so years of her life, she didn't need "things" to collect dust and clutter her small place, so we were all sort of encouraged to give her edible or usable things. One year I went to the "paint your own pottery" place, made her a plate, and baked cookies to go with it.

In terms of receiving gifts, it depends. If I know the gift-giver has a particular skill, I'll ask them to make me something, give them a few parameters, and hope they take note. If they do, awesome! If not... eep. My younger sister is a good painter, so one year I asked her for a painting. I pointed at one in her house as an example, sort of geometric. The painting she gave me was an abstract of naked people. :(


I like homemade gifts, especially when it's baked goods


I like all gifts. Homemade or store bought. The fact that someone puts the time and effort into coming up with something for me, gives me a warm fuzzy.


I never feel "cheap" about giving a present that would cost something ridiculous if I charged minimum wage for my time. Usually the cost of yarn for anything I knit is more than a mass-produced item would be. (This has also held true for most baked goods when I tally up ingredient costs.)

I don't consider homemade presents better or worse than purchased; it's all a matter of fitting the gift to the receiver.


I like to do handmade gifts when its something I know the recipient will appreciate. For them, I try to do a couple things each year. I made granny square afghans for my mom and dad last year that they love and use quite a lot. This year, I crocheted a snowflake table runner for my mom and best friend. I gave them to both at Thanksgiving so that they could use it through the season, but both have said they'll put them out year round.
I'll also do a good amount of baking for friends and family, lots of cookies for sure and maybe some caramels and truffles.
For receiving, I do like handmade, especially my BFF's homemade huckleberry jam. Its what I imagine crack must be like ;)