questionswhat are the best wine accessories?


I have a corkscrew made by L'esprit & le vin which has a thermometer inside the handle. Everyone that sees it, loves it. I just did a little digging, and that particular one is over $100 online. I don't recall what I paid for it. It was in Francs and I wasn't really paying attention. Anyway, you don't have to spend a hundred bucks to get a nice looking corkscrew that isn't one of those battery operated things with more options than a leatherman. I's a corkscrew. It shouldn't have a CO2 cartridge. /opinion

That turned into a bit of a rant. Oh well.


And I left out the most important part: Congratulations on the move. Best wishes to the both of you.


A nice decanter can be bought at Home Goods on the cheaps. They look great on a table and do a job.


I really like my air pressure powered wine opener.


A wine rack to store the bottles in...


As mentioned, a decanter is both important for some wines (which will need to sit out for some time and breathe) and will also have hte benefit of looking nice. Alternatively you could use an aerator such as a Vinturi, but they are probably unnecessary for your expected level of consumption.

Another nice item is a wine trivet or coaster for placing the bottle on the table, functional because often times wine will drip down the bottle and otherwise stain a tablecloth or placemat.

A good wine stopper, or even one of the vacuum tops that allows you to remove the air from the bottle, can help keep wine fresher if you are consuming a bottle over a few days.

Last thing I'd mention is there are a lot of novel items out there which let you save and display your corks (everything from baskets to trivets) from the bottles you drink.


@rprebel: Thanks sir. I actually already have a corkscrew that seems surprisingly sturdy despite coming from a boxed set of kitchenware my mother got me for college. Just a simple metal corkscrew.

@thumperchick: Sadly, we don't have a Home Goods near us, but there's a number of other places I'll look into for one. A decanter might've saved the bottle of wine I got my father and stepmother for their wedding. It might've tasted bad because they failed to let it decant first.

@hobbitss: If I can make it back home at some point, I've actually got a small wine rack that my grandparents gave to me while downsizing their stuff to move into a smaller place.

@abravesfan: Yeah, I looked at the Vinturi stuff and while it looks cool, it's probably overkill for our uses (unless we start finding more varieties we will both drink). I'll definitely look into vacuum sealers though, as I doubt we'd drink a whole bottle very fast (except BAD days at work :) )


@kriderzero: If you aren't in a hurry, wine.woot sells great decanters once in a while.