questionsopinions on the sharper image and nuwave ovens?


here's a youtube link to one of those clips on news shows where they see if the products really do whatever they promise:

looks like it does. seems like a step up from my little cheap toaster oven since it's more airtight and cooks "3 ways". saw a link on Google Shopping for it at $99 and free shipping new.


Thanks. I will look at it in a second or two. Seems too good to be true.


@lavikinga: Thanks. I also purchased the Ninja set from either woot or deals.woot about a month ago but have not used it yet.


Received my sharper image convection oven recently and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!! Best price right now is at They have both sizes....the larger one only marginally bigger tan the smaller model. Also at HSN they show also the specifics and have very good demonstration videos (worth taking the time to watch). The receipe book is very small so I ordered a more comprehensive one from amazon by Bob Bowersox. The food comes out just as shown....much healthier and a WHOLE LOT FASTER. Hope this was helpful!!!!!!